Superman comic sells for record 1.5 million dollars

The record price for a comic book, already broken twice this year, has been shattered again.

A copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 sold Monday for $1.5 million on the auction Web site

The same issue of Superman’s Action Comics debut sold for one million dollars in February, but that was not in as good condition as the copy sold Monday.

Back in 1938 the Superman comic, boasting a cover picture of the red-caped hero lifting a green car, cost just 10 cents.

“This new record will be hard to break,” said co-owner Vincent Zurzolo, “because this particular Action Comics Number One is literally the single most valuable comic book on the planet.”

Incredibly, the comic book’s existence was unknown for 50 years as it lay unnoticed tucked inside an old movie magazine, said.

“One minute, no one knew it existed. The next minute, everyone was dying to own it,” Stepher Fishler, founder of ComicConnect said.

It was Action Comics #1 that introduced Superman to the world. There are estimated to be only about 100 copies of the comic book in existence.

Source: AFPrelaxnews, 2010 – Photo: AP