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StockX Market: Buy Luxury watches like Stocks

Selling everything from high demand sneakers to luxury watches, the “Stock Market of Things”, StockX makes the buying of luxury timepieces like remarkably easy.

Apr 28, 2018 | By Jonathan Ho

StockX Market is a live, bid/ask marketplace (‘stock market’) for buying and selling limited edition goods. Everything from high demand sneakers to luxury watches. StockX ‘legit checks’ all products which gets listed on the StockX Market for authenticity to ensure that they are 100% legitimate. Touted to be the “Stock Market of Things”, StockX makes the buying of luxury timepieces like remarkably easy.

StockX operates like the namesake stock market. Users of StockX Market can track real-time data on a large variety of watches like an actual stock market, from historical pricing to real time prices as other users buy or sell luxury watches following free market principles and market dynamics. With the information handy, buyers on StockX can place matching bids with potential asking prices or offer a price while StockX Market handles the trade the way an online stock market would.

StockX Market: Buy Luxury watches like Stocks

Naturally, unlike stocks and shares of commercial enterprises and corporate entities, the buying of luxury watches sight unseen is fraught with fraudulent replicas and the dangers of trading hard earned money for a replica watch is a real concern. Thus each watch sent to StockX will undergo a thorough inspection by a team of master watchmakers to ensure its authenticity and condition:

  • Full internal movement condition inspection
  • External condition assessment including lugs, case, crystal, dial, and bracelet
  • A timing test, including adjustments as needed to meet manufacture standards and functionality
  • Water resistance testing
  • Amplitude testing
  • If necessary, new gaskets for the caseback, crystal, bezel, tube and crown are applied to your watch
  • The watch will be expertly cleaned and, if needed, lightly polished

A watch purchased from StockX Marketplace will be accompanied by a StockX certificate of authenticity highlighting the following details: Make, Model, Reference number, Serial number, Case metal and Band material. As further guarantee, a watch which fails authentication after a secondary check on receipt by the buyer will be returned to the seller, and refunded.

StockX will also penalise sellers who flake or peddle fake watches to a tune of 15% of the watch’s selling price, and have their accounts will be subject to suspension. StockX also offers sneaker, streetwear and handbag marketplace and ‘price guides based on real-time market data and rich market analysis.

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