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CODE41 T360 Tourbillon: Holy Grail 

The CODE41 T360 Tourbillon breaks new boundary of high watchmaking and make accessible its core.

Apr 20, 2023 | By Joseph Low
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

With transparency, community and fair prices as its guiding principles, Swizerland-based watch brand CODE41’s consultative approach to watchmaking is making waves far and wide. It has successfully launched a couple of projects from NB24 to X41 and the latest creation, Mesascape. All of these represent the brand’s raison d’être of pushing the limits of watchmaking while keeping the cost of its product reasonably priced. 

For its latest venture into the world of haute horology, CODE41 debuts the T360 Tourbillon, which is the brand’s first tourbillon watch and a testament to its mastery over the art of watchmaking. In a similar vein where the CODE41 community were involved in designing the T360, the final product also ensures that customers are given many options for customising their desired watch (bridge and hand colours, straps, and even the shape of the case). In doing so, the brand hopes that the T360 tourbillon can bring about a shift in watchmaking where it is open, participatory and accessible.

As per how the previous projects were conceived, the CODE41 community voted on what the brand should venture next, and the tourbillon was the top favourite. To make the process as transparent as possible, the brand created dedicated pages on its website to document each step leading to the final stages of production. The T360 underwent numerous changes: 192 design variations, over 12,500 votes were casted, some 400 comments were given and 43 sleepless nights. Each critical step has been made through voting by hundreds of thousands of community members.

The tourbillon is placed at the 6 0’clock position.

The tourbillon is widely considered the “Holy Grail” in watchmaking and has captured the hearts of many watch connoisseurs since its creation. Patented by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the purpose of the tourbillon was to counterbalance the effects of gravity, which affects the regularity of a watch’s mechanical movement. In today’s context, a tourbillon is exalted for its “unique esthetic and exceptional mechanical ballet that its primary utility” because the “movement of our wrists already deals with offsetting the variations in rate due to the Earth’s gravity.”

Making a tourbillon is no easy feat, and the cost of making one can easily hit up to five or six figures. However, CODE41 is able to bring the price down thanks to its economic model, where they cut out intermediaries and sales are done directly to the customers. The X41 model is a prime example. While its lower cost would cast doubts, the brand reassures that the T360 tourbillon surpasses all the regulatory tests with flying colours. For a starting price below CHF 10,000, the T360 tourbillon is the culmination of peerless Swiss watchmaking expertise with accessibility.

Looking at its design, the T360 is unreservedly masculine and retains CODE41’s signature skeletonise features. Here, the wearer will be mesmerised by the enthralling horological ballet in which the tourbillon dances as it completes one full revolution in its cage every 60 seconds. Also, taking into the modern sartorial trend, the watch is made for everyday life rather than being worn only during special occasions. Some key features include a 105-hour power reserve, deviation at ±5 seconds per day, Super-Luminova on hands, indices and the bridge of the tourbillon cage, and two types of cases.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon with NativeDNA case.
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon with NativeDNA case.
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon with Stratom case.
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon with Stratom case.

In keeping with its principles of openness and excellence, CODE41 has delegated the tourbillon’s development and production to 100 per cent Swiss partners, without whom none of this would have been possible. Each of these artisans has contributed significantly to the T360’s design in their own right and these craftspeople can be found on the website. Their tasks and responsibilities are clearly stated and emphasised. In addition, this human story serves as one of the daily motivational factors for the CODE41 teams, who are inspired by showcasing the master watchmakers who make dreams come true. 

Touching further on the customisation options, the T360 allows for what CODE41 calls ultra-personalisation. There are over 200 possible combinations starting from the straps, where the wearer can choose between leather, rubber or steel. With its interchangeable straps, the T360 tourbillon adapts to any circumstance and reflects the wearer’s personal style and moods. Then, there are two types of cases available: NativeDNA or Stratom. In addition, there are five colour combinations that the wearer can also choose from for the watch’s dial and hands.

The CODE41 T360 tourbillon is available for pre-order on 19 April until 17 May for a starting price of CHF 9,898, and only 150 Creator Edition pieces are on offer. Click here to learn more about the watch.

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