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Sleekest Cut: Perceval Meteor Knives

The perfect knife that marries man-made artisanal skills and space-born materials.

Mar 11, 2016 | By Staff Writer

In Superhero-land, Wolverine can boast of adamantium claws, Deadpool, his katanas, and we shouldn’t even have to mention Thor’s god-forged Mjolnir. The problem with reality is that flights of fancy translate badly to actual construction. For the knife-makers at Perceval though, they’ve probably got one of the closest things on this Earth to a functional alien-made weapon: Damascus Steel Bladed Meteor Knives.

The name has a nice ring to it but it’s got more than just that. The actual act of making Damascus Steel is a long lost crafting technique used by Syrian craftsmen in the past to create super strong blades with swirling patterns etched onto the metal (doesn’t that give it a cool fantasy air?). Countless researchers have pored over antique blades to try and reverse engineer them but a lot of it is conjecture. Nowadays we’ve discovered a lot of stronger materials and methods (not to mention we also have guns), but recreating blades with the swirling pattern is back in style.

Well, the designers at Perceval have upped the ante. There have been watches with meteorite dials before, and now we have a full meteorite handle. The nature of the material makes every single knife a unique item in itself due to the elegant geometric shapes. When you have the angular lines of the meteorite clashing with the gracious rosebud-like swirls of the Damascus blade, you get a true objet d’art.

Of course this is at no idle expense. At a price of more than 4,000 Euros, you definitely need to be some kind of Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne to freely afford something like this (Take note – we are not advocating vigilantism in any way. Keep your blades at home for opening letters or something).

For more information, you can check out the knives here.

Images courtesy of Perceval

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