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Greenspur Challenges Guests To Disconnect at The Lost Whiskey Cabin

Meant to bring out the best versions of ourselves, Greenspur invites guests to rediscover who they are, with a few days, away from technology.

Sep 28, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

With love for all things that are old and natural, like wood, steel, people, buildings, landscapes, and even a good story or two, design firm Greenspur has built a reputation based on their peculiar perceptions of the world. Through seeking to inspire, simplify, and cultivate joy, in all that they do, the firm never shies away from stimulating thought, and disrupting the status quo. It then comes as no surprise, that Greenspur are the ingenious minds behind the Lost Whiskey Cabin.

Greenspur Challenges Guests To Disconnect at The Lost Whiskey Cabin

Set out to explore the personal limits of slowing down and simplifying, the Lost Whiskey Cabin is a reflective space, conceptualized to value time and experiences over information and accumulation, in a technologically pervasive and advanced world. Spanning a full 160 sq.ft., this full concrete structure is one part Scandinavian minimalism and two part Virginia countryside. Featuring a crackling fire which fuels the hot tub, solar panels, cisterns, murphy bed, shower and compost toilet, this off-grid structure is virtually maintenance free and is expected to look and function the same 100 years from now.

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