“Serendipity Sapphire” is the World’s Largest Sapphire Cluster

Jul 29, 2021 / Style

The 2.5 million carats gemstone is worth US$100 million according to experts.

Bvlgari Magnifica High Jewellery Showcase

Jul 29, 2021 / Style

First debuting online and in Milan as usual, the Bvlgari Magnifica High Jewellery collection came to Singapore, along with a slew of intriguing watches and jewellery. We present a small slice of the action.

Tabayer Takes an Introspective Approach Ahead of the Collection Launch

Jul 22, 2021 / Jewellery

Nigora Tokhtabayeva wants to harness the power of protective talismans using ethically sourced gemstones.

Clash of Attitudes: Clash de Cartier

Jul 09, 2021 / Style

In continuing the spirit of innovation, Cartier has added two new materials, onyx and Tahitian pearls, to its Clash de Cartier collection.

Bvlgari Magnifica Is a Star-Studded Affair

Jul 02, 2021 / Style

“Magnifica” draws new inspiration from one of Bvlgari’s most recognisable advertising campaigns of the early eighties, “Dreams”.

Should You Buy SI2 Clarity Diamonds?

Jun 25, 2021 / Style

In general, if the stone is pretty, and you can live with its flaws — and do bear in mind that up to thirty percent of SI2 included stones will be eye clean — then, yes.

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