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A2Z Art Gallery Presents Takashi Hara’s Resilience x Cactus x Piano

Takashi Hara’s third solo exhibition in Paris is a celebration of human resilience in the face of difficult situations.

Mar 23, 2021 | By Abram Yum

In spite of the recently announced lockdown in Paris, A2Z Art Gallery is going ahead with Takashi Hara’s third solo exhibition in the French capital. Entitled Resilience x Cactus x Piano, the exhibition celebrates the spirit of resilience. A most fitting theme given the Parisian lockdown, and COVID-19 looming over everything.

“For years I have believed in the spirit of resilience. The harder we get hit, the braver, stronger, and smarter we become,” the artist said. In his life, three things have gained particular significance, and they form the basis of his latest exhibition.

The piano is a representation of Takashi Hara’s memories, particularly those of his grandfather, to whom the piano used to belong. When life gets tough, he turns to the piano, and recalls the melodies his grandfather played, which spurs him on to work harder.

Since his stay in Arizona, the humble cactus has embodied the spirit of resilience and ability to survive in inhospitable conditions. The cactus’ thick skin and thorn leaves keep it safe from animals, while its roots draw water efficiently from the desert environment. “Although its water requirements are minimal, these plants release love and inspire respect. The contrast between the thorns and the beauty of its flowers is very inspiring” Takashi said. “When I was tired, I used to lie down in the desert and draw energy from the strength of the numerous cacti.”

The pig flits between subjects of intelligence and derision in different cultures where they are manipulated to suit whatever narrative we write. Takashi Hara draws inspiration from the comparison between pigs and the interconnected lives of humans within a Machiavellian society. “The pig, my zodiac sign, is the animal that I think is questioning our animality the best,” he reflects. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from 26 June to 17 July 2021, at the A2Z Art Gallery in Paris and will serve to remind society that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

For more news and updates on Resilience x Cactus x Piano, head over to A2Z Art Gallery’s website.

All images courtesy of A2Z Art Gallery.

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