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Secret Beatrix Potter Art Exhibited in Melford Hall

The artist-illustrator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit will have some never-seen-before artwork on display in Melford Hall.

Jul 08, 2016 | By Luxuo

You may not have heard of her as she doesn’t have the name recognition of JK Rowling but you’d most likely have grown up reading her books. Beatrix Potter is the celebrated writer and illustrator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit – yes, that Peter Rabbit. Since her death in 1943, the absence of new work has been keenly felt, explaining the excitement that struck many when some of her old drawings had been discovered. A cleaner found the drawings tucked between the pages of books in Melford Hall (she spent her holidays there from 1899-1916) during a routine cleaning.


In honor of her contributions to the world (and the childhoods of many), Melford Hall will run an exhibition aptly titled “Beatrix Potter’s Melford: Holiday Sketches 1899-1916,” where the new drawings, as well as her watercolors and sketches of the house will be featured. Melford Hall, as well as Beatrix Potter’s old bedroom, is also regularly open to the general public.

The exhibition will open July 13 and will be held through the last weekend of October. A special Beatrix Potter birthday event will also be held July 28 (this year coincidentally marks what would have been her 150th birthday). For more information, visit Melford Hall’s website.

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