Salvatore Ferragamo Timepieces Collection 2009

Salvatore Ferragamo in a partnership with Timex introduces a group of luxury watches called the Salvatore Ferragamo Timespieces collection.

Each Ferragamo Timepiece has been Swiss made and features clean lines which reflect the Ferragamo signature design.

We have 4 main watch families at the moment – F80 inspired by Ferragamo’s eightieth anniversary, Vara inspired by our horseshoe buckle, Gancino inspired by the fastening on our handbags and Salvatore, the name of the brand.”

“We have also drawn inspiration from the watches when designing new products.”

“For example, the F80 timepiece has inspired a new range of entry-level handbags, the ‘F80 Bag Collection’. It’s been a great integration from the watches into what is one of our core categories – handbags.” said Mrs Valeria Azario, Regional Marketing Director of Ferragamo in Hong Kong.

“Those classic and contemporary watches are able to evoke with their temperament the iconic musts of Salvatore Ferragamo’s great successes: from the partnership with Timex Group – Luxury Watches, here comes the Salvatore Ferragamo Timepieces collection.

These original pieces recall with subtlety and elegance different aspects of Ferragamo’s long history focused on beauty and the voice of Italian creativity expressing a refined and timeless lifestyle,” said Paolo Marai, CEO of Timex Group Luxury Division.

Prices range from $1,600 to $78,000. Source: Plushasia