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Advent Aurora: World’s Most Expensive iPhone X Case

Singapore-based luxury brand, GRAY has launched a striking selection of the world’s most expensive iPhone X case, the Advent Aurora, designed for the most discerning consumer in mind.

An elegant addition to GRAY’s splendid collection, the Advent Aurora case protectors are made from aerospace grade titanium and have undergone intensive heated treatments to the surface of the materials to achieve the stunning Aurora finish.

Inspired by supercars, each of the Advent Aurora iPhone X case honours the fine art of precision engineering and the strive for perfection in the flaming process, a high-level technique performed by GRAY’s team of master craftsmen in Singapore.

With a focus to bring the future of luxury to the present, the range of Advent Aurora iPhone X casing embrace that modern sense of timeless style and elegance. Machined textured finish and hand polished, a series of multi-faceted lines with beautiful design detailing along with the random colour variants; all show the unique tastes that echoed throughout the surface of the material, creating a stunning experience that can be enjoyed from each of the Advent’s many angles.

Set apart by unrivalled artisanship, the Advent Aurora is the brand’s first attempt at creating display cases with Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium using integrated technology. Through the interpretation of hyper-modern designs, the right protective TPE cases are built out of exceptional quality to provide maximum protection for your iPhone X.

With such meticulous detailing, the design of each of the Advent Aurora iPhone X case is sleek, light with an ergonomic fit for users yet tough enough to withstand extra shock against drops. Available in Stealth, Gold and Rose Gold editions, as well as for the iPhone 8, the Advent Aurora is priced at USD$1295.

For more information about Advent, please visit www.gray-international.com.

Skrillex Live Cases

Skrillex designs intergalactic phone cases for Android

Skrillex Live Cases

Skrillex has designed a series of limited-edition phone cases for Android.

The Grammy Award-winning producer has come up with three different cases inspired by space and the galaxy.

The designs come with a “live wallpaper” which constantly updates to show users images of the constellations and the Earth, captured by a balloon satellite named “Nanou” after the star’s dog. The satellite was designed and built for the project by Google.

The cases are part of the Editions line, an Android initiative for a limited series of creative phone cases.

By Atelier cases for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 gets luxury cases from By Atelier

By Atelier cases for iPhone 6

French brand By Atelier, located at the heart of Paris on the Champs-Elysées, has released a collection of luxury cases devoted to iPhone 6.


The brand’s first collection for iPhone 6 is based on an entirely hand-polished steel structure designed for maximum protection, namely thanks to its reliable attachment system with four clasps.

So far, By Atelier offers seven cases for the iPhone 6, each different through the exterior finishing in different shades of sapphire crystal, calf leather or alligator leather. All of the items have a guaranteed flawless finish reflecting the brand’s high-precision techniques and savoir-faire.


By Atelier's iPhone cases

Each case may be purchased with or without the iPhone 6. The case alone costs between €1,690 and €1,990 (around $2,190 to $2,570).

That includes a one-year subscription to a concierge service inspired by those of five-star hotels. For one year after purchasing a By Atelier case, iPhone users have access to an exclusive app for personalized assistance with travel arrangements, dinner reservations and similar services.

For details on the By Atelier iPhone collection: byatelier.com

Butterfly Parade smartphone case

Christian Lacroix iPhone & iPad cases

French brand  has introduced its first line of iphone and iPad cases, which will be available in the fall, starting from €24.90.

The line consists notably of a series of Butterfly Parade cases whose design conjures up Sevilian women walking through the Alcazar Gardens surrounded by colorful butterflies.

It also features Eden Roc, a tribute to the famous luxury hotel in Antibes in the south of France and Paseo with beautiful golden, silver and black tones.

These items will be available in phone shops and specialty shops, retailing from €24.90 for phone cases, €39.90 for iPad mini cases, and €44.90 for iPad cases.

The whole line has been developed in collaboration with BigBen Connected, an expert in smartphone and tablet accessories, and it was designed by Sacha Walckhoff, Christian Lacroix’s Creative Director.

Butterfly Parade smartphone case

Gresso Titanium Bumper iPhone case

Gresso Titanium Bumper iPhone 5 case

Gresso Titanium Bumper iPhone case

Luxury mobile phone company Gresso has launched the Titanium Bumper, a collection of protective cases for iPhone 5 with prices ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Made of solid grade 5 titanium, the handcrafted case is resistant to bending and compression. Each piece is manually polished for four hours to receive the desired metal texture.

Consisting of upper and lower protective frames connected by hinges, the case features a patented magnetic locking system which closes and opens up with a single move.

The back panel can be covered in either Italian leather or crocodile leather, with the addition of an 18-carat gold Gresso logo. Each case is available in original titanium or black color schemes.

Jean Paul Gaultier iPhone cases

Jean Paul Gaultier reveals iPhone accessories

Jean Paul Gaultier iPhone cases

Jean Paul Gaultier has unveiled a range of five different mobile phone and tablet accessories, working with French company Bigben connected, which already creates accessories for Kenzo and Swarovski.

All the pieces are inspired by three of the JPG brand’s key motifs: the Breton mariniere striped sweater, sailor tattoos, and the “boîte de conserve” tin can.

Priced between €19.90 and €49.90 the cases are set to hit French fashion and mobile phone stores this month, as well as Parisian concept store Colette.

gold colour iPhone

‘Gold rush’ for new iPhones in China

gold colour iPhone

Apple’s first gold-colour iPhone sold out immediately in Hong Kong and mainland China, according to reports and online buyers desperate to snap up the new status symbol.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5S — also available in silver and “space grey” — launched at 6:00 am Tuesday in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

“Right after it started, the champagne gold model was sold out,” Phoenix TV — a Hong Kong-based broadcaster with most of its audience living on the mainland — said on its website.

Although Hong Kong resellers say demand is down for the new 5S and 5C models because they are also available on the mainland — the first simultaneous launch to both markets — one dealer told AFP that the gold phones could still resell at a profit.

Apple’s Hong Kong website on Wednesday took down the link to the 5S pre-order page, saying reservations would resume on September 21.

iphone 5 black diamond

The world’s most expensive iPhone 5

iPhone Black Diamond

British luxury designer Stuart Hughes has created a £10 million ($15 million), solid-gold bodied, diamond-encrusted iPhone 5. The phone, which underneath its special shell, is no different from any iPhone in terms of hardware components, was commissioned by an unnamed Chinese businessman.

Called the Black Diamond because it features a 24-ct black diamond where the home key should be; it also has a solid gold chassis. If that wasn’t enough, it is decorated with what Hughes says are 600 flawless white diamonds set in gold on the back panel, while the Apple logo, now in solid gold takes on a three-dimensional quality and has also been enhanced by the addition of a further 53 diamonds.

One other notable difference, and one that could soon become a reality on all smartphones, is the use of sapphire glass rather than the standard Gorilla Glass to cover the iPhone’s display.

Sapphire glass is used to create body armor and only a diamond is stronger or more resistant. However, at current prices, a sheet of such glass costs 10 times more than Gorilla Glass.

Although this was a commission, Hughes is more than happy to produce another Black Diamond, if a consumer has £10 million to spare.

24 Karat Gold iPhone5

24-karat iPhone 5 goes on sale

24 Karat Gold iPhone5

As stories continue to circulate on Apple‘s message boards and on Twitter of iPhone 5s arriving in less than perfect condition, one London firm believes it may have found an elegant and suitably aspirational solution to the problem.

On Sep. 27, Gold & Co is set to unveil what it claims is the world’s first 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 5 at the Collector’s Palace in Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates.
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De Bethune Dream Watch IV

De Bethune Dream Watch IV iPhone case

De Bethune Dream Watch IV

De Bethune has released the Dream Watch IV, an iPhone 4S case that features a mechanical clock as well as protection for your phone… and your brain!

Clearly inspired by the unique piece made for Only Watch 2011 (below), the pocket watch face is made from blued titanium with gold and diamond stars.

The Dream Watch IV also provides electromagnetic protection for the user by reducing the physiological impact of its potentially damaging waves.
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Brikk titanium case

Brikk Trim Titanium Case for iPhone

Brikk titanium case

Luxury design company Brikk will launch a series of limited edition luxury iPhone cases, profits from which will benefit those in need around the world.

The limited edition collection revolves around the theme of “Altruistic Precision” and is launched with the Trim series of luxury titanium cases for the iPhone 4.

The luxury cases are available in gold, platinum, ‘black DLC’ and ‘grey stealth’ finishes and cost from $3,000 to $4,500.
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Maison Martin Margiela 11 Phone Holder

Maison Martin Margiela 11 Phone Holder

Maison Martin Margiela 11 Phone Holder

The Maison Martin Margiela has released this two-piece smartphone holder for autumn/winter 2011 – seen here in brown.

Made from two pieces of richly-coloured leather, the phone holder is lined with a soft and fluffy shearling, mirroring pieces from the Margiela mainline collection.

The holder is the perfect size for an iPhone (both 3 and 4) or a Blackberry, so it doesn’t matter which camp you belong to.
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LV iPhone4 Cases

Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases

LV iPhone4 Cases

Louis Vuitton has released four different cases for the iPhone 4. There is the Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, and of course the Monogram canvas cases.

Each one sports an ultra soft microfiber interior, so there is no threat of scratches and is ultra slim so it fits into your pocketbook or pants pocket with ease.

Each Louis Vuitton case retails for $290. It costs almost 50% the cost of iPhone itself but that is the price you pay for style and a luxury brand.
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Bentley leather cases

Bentley iPad, iPhone and Blackberry leather cases

Bentley leather cases

Bentley and its luxury leather partner Ettinger have devised a range of modern must-have personal accessories to be launched at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Inspired by the Beluga and Hotspur interior trim colours of the Bentley Continental Supersports, the capsule collection of leather items in black and red leather with contrast stitching includes keyrings and iPad, iPhone and Blackberry cases.

The collections include everything from purses and wallets, passport cases, luggage labels and portfolios, as well as the iconic Bentley key case.
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