Bowers & Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition Speakers

Bowers and Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition Speakers

Bowers and Wilkins is set to introduce the 805 Maserati Edition loudspeaker to celebrate its relationship with the Italian luxury car manufacturer.

The limited-edition product combines the performance of B&W’s 800 Diamond Series speakers with the aesthetics of Maserati’s famous interiors, according to the British speaker maker.

Bowers Wilkins 805 Maserati Speakers

The speaker features a two-way design with a Diamond Dome Tweeter and 6.5-inch Kevlar midrange driver. An advanced crossover network controls the drivers. The drivers are housed in a ported enclosure that incorporates B&W’s Flowport technology which is said to minimize port distortion.

B&W wraps the speaker in polished wood veneers including bird’s eye maple, along with Maserati’s famous leathers. The speaker also bears Maserati’s Trident symbol.

Bowers Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition Speakers

The 88dB sensitive 805 Maserati Edition is an 8-ohm speaker that has a stated frequency response of 49Hz to 28kHz. B&W recommends amplifiers rated between 50 watts to 120 watts.

Bowers and Wilkins 805 Maserati Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins expects the 805 Maserati to go on sale sometime during Q4 of this year, as a limited edition piece. Pricing has yet to be determined. Via Cepro.