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2011 Yule Logs from Paris pastry chefs

Dec 24, 2011 / Gastronomy

Forget yule logs shaped like fire wood and studded with holly berries. When master French pastry chefs make their bûches de Noël, they’re wrapped in gold leaf, shellacked in a glossy caramel veneer and covered in leopard print. In a YouTube video created by food blog Paris by Mouth, a bevy of cakes made by […]

Buche de Belvedere Vodka for Christmas 2011

Dec 17, 2011 / Wines and Spirits

In homage to the famous silver birch trees emblematic of the brand, Belvedere has chosen to “caulk” in one of them and turn into ice bucket for a perfect tasting. Under the bark of chromed metal hides a heart of tender birch, home of a bottle of Belvedere Pure 70 cl. Presented on a sleek […]

The 2010 Christmas log by Jérôme Chaucesse

Dec 25, 2010 / Gastronomy

In 2010, Hôtel de Crillon reaffirms its love for fashion and tailoring with this unique piece ‘‘Hand Stitched” created by their pastry Chef Jérôme Chaucesse. The unique Christmas log combines the legendary flavor of crème de marrons and the tart nature of tangerines with the creamy texture of vanilla panacotta in a perfect harmony of […]

Pierre Herme Buche de Noel 2010

Dec 22, 2010 / Gastronomy

If you are looking for an amazing indulgence this Christmas exclusive seasonal creations from renowned French Pâtissier Pierre Hermé might just fit the bill. Pierre Herme re-enact the classic Buche de Noel into a modern hit of Chocolate biscuits layered with light dark chocolate ganache. The logs come in a silver box specially designed by […]

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