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Sorgiovanni Explores New Frontier With 99m Megayacht Concept

Apr 28, 2020 / Yachts

Designer of the Singapore-owned White Rabbit, Australia’s Sam Sorgiovanni has introduced a spectacular 99m luxury expedition yacht, Frontier.

Uber brings helicopter rental service to Hong Kong

Aug 05, 2015 / Jets

Uber will offer its helicopter rental services UberCHOPPER in Hong Kong this Saturday from 12-5pm.

Uber launches helicopter service during Cannes 2015

May 06, 2015 / Cars and Bikes

Uber has reached an exclusive partnership agreement with Hélipass to offer flight reservations between the Nice-Côte d’Azur airport and Cannes.

Go heli-skiing from a boat this winter

Nov 25, 2014 / Travel

What’s cooler than getting dropped off by helicopter on a pure-powder peak in a remote corner of the icy north in winter?

Sao Paulo rich use choppers to beat traffic jams

May 11, 2013 / Billionaires

Former model-turned-business mogul Cozete Gomes owns eight companies and does not really have time to be stuck in Sao Paulo’s epic traffic jams.

Aston Martin Vanquish Delivered By Helicopter!

Jan 22, 2013 / Events

Luxury car manuacturer Aston Martin has landed a Vanquish sports car on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

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