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Sushi Boss Pays $117,000 for Bluefin Tuna

Jan 06, 2016 / Auctions

A Japanese sushi boss shelled out more than $117,000 January 5 for a giant bluefin tuna, raising concerns once more about this threatened species.

Single tuna fetches record $736k at Japan auction

Jan 07, 2012 / Gastronomy

A deep-pocketed restaurateur shelled out nearly $750,000 for a tuna at Japan’s Tsukiji fish market on Thursday, smashing the record price for a single bluefin. The 269-kilogramme fish stood at an eye-popping 56.49 million yen ($736,500) when the hammer came down in the first auction of the year. The figure dwarfs the previous high of […]

Giant tuna sells for record 396,000 dollars in Japan

Jan 06, 2011 / Gastronomy

A monster bluefin tuna sold for a record 396,000 dollars in the year’s first auction at the world’s biggest fish market in Tokyo Wednesday amid intense pre-dawn bidding. The 342-kilogramme (752-pound) fish — caught off Japan‘s northern island of Hokkaido — fetched a winning bid of 32.49 million yen (396,000 dollars). It was the highest […]

Sushi-hungry Japan sells biggest tuna

Jul 16, 2010 / Gastronomy

A monster tuna caught off Japan turned heads at a Tokyo fish market Friday, where the 445 kilogram (981 pound) bluefin — the biggest caught here since 1986 — sold for 3.2 million yen (36,700 dollars). “Many of the people who work at the market have never seen a tuna that big,” said an official […]

Giant Tuna Fetches $177000 at Japan Auction

Jan 05, 2010 / Auctions

A giant bluefin tuna fetched 16.3 million yen ($177,000) in an auction Tuesday at the world’s largest wholesale fish market in Japan. The bluefin tuna weighs 232 kg – nearly four times as much as the average Japanese man. It was caught off the northern tip of Japan’s main island of Honshu, in waters famed […]

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