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$1 Million Gem-Encrusted Montegrappa Pen

Limited to 100 only, and with one especially unique one among that lot, Montegrappa defines a new standard of excess in writing instruments.

Apr 05, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Luxury writing instrument company Montegrappa’s Centennial Dragon series of pens are just incredibly and lavishly decorated. These coveted treasures were made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company and will be limited to only a hundred units – 33 in rose gold, 33 in yellow gold, 33 in white gold, and, finally, the Ultimate Centennial Dragon.

A monumental testament to beauty in excess, the Ultimate Centennial Dragon has a wrap-around golden dragon, while its body is studded with everything from brilliant-cut diamonds, colored diamonds, rubies, and pearls. This raises the price for this single piece all the way up to 7 figures, while the others in the series are priced at $225,000.

The design of the pen draws from clear oriental influences, especially the Nine Dragon Wall at the Forbidden City in Beijing. Its 18K gold has been formed into the long-standing symbol of Chinese power and prosperity. Furthermore, the buyer of the pen will be offered a VIP factory tour to view its crafting, while also having lunch and dinner with members of the board.

You can check out Montegrappa’s website for more of their products and services over here.

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