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Casual Style Guide For Men: 5 Expert Tips To Look Effortlessly Perfect

These 5 tips are all you need. Words by Jonathan Parker

Jan 17, 2019 | By LUXUO

Casual wear is one of the hardest outfits to execute with class and elegance for men. You need to look relaxed and comfortable while maintaining a sense of elegance. Your casual style needs to look effortless but also thoughtful. Furthermore, what is accepted as casual will vary depending on the occasion, the season and the location. Add to that the contemporary debate that redefines what masculinity is and should be and it’s no wonder that so many men get their casual style wrong.

5 Expert Tips To Look Effortlessly Perfect

To help solve this issue, we’ve recently highlighted some of the best brands to refresh your look this Spring/Summer 2019. We’re now turning our attention to practical tips from experts and stylists to help you put it all together in a sharp and consistent look.

Luxe Digital just published an in-depth casual style guide for men to master the luxury relaxed look. They interviewed a panel of expert stylists and fashion advisers to ask for their recommendations. Here are the five most important takeaways:

  1. Define your vision. Set clear objectives. Do you want to project an air of assurance? Or show that you care about an occasion and dressed up accordingly? Be clear about your goals first.

  2. Pick your dress code accordingly. Once you know what you’re aiming for, select an outfit that will help you achieve your goals.

  3. Some items are worth investing more in. There should be a few well-chosen timeless items in your wardrobe that will stay with you for years. That’s the case with a luxury watch, a bomber jacket, or designer sneakers, for example. Chose carefully which pieces those will be and invest in quality over quantity. The same approach applies when it comes to choosing your accessories and jewelry. Gold plated or silver rings for men, can make a great statement and effortlessly spruce up your outfit.

  4. Start with foundational items. When building up your wardrobe, begin with neutral colours such as black, white, navy, tan and grey. Those are all easy to mix and match and will never go out of fashion.

  5. Always look for the right fit. Your efforts will be ruined if your clothes are overly tight and uncomfortable or too baggy and sloppy. If you invest time defining your style, make sure that the execution is right and the fit is perfect for your body.

With these five style tips in mind, you should be off to a strong start to achieve the perfect casual look for every occasion.

Keep in mind that trends do change over the years. So even with timeless items, you should continue to experiment to discover what works best for you. There are no strict rules for casual wear, the most important is that you feel relaxed and confident in your clothes. And when in doubt, it’s always better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed.

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