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Urban Oases – Exceptional Singapore Homes That Fuse Ingenious Architecture With Greenery – Part 1 of 3

Guz Architecture, Aamer Architects devise custom-built Singapore homes incorporating striking, purposeful architecture that brings in a slice of nature

Dec 07, 2018 | By Joe Lim

Some countries are blessed with huge geographic land mass and low population. Presently, Australia boasts some of the largest houses in the world and finding generously proportioned plots to build on really isn’t a problem. However, if you happen to reside in a provincial city in Asia sometimes creating your ideal sanctuary can be logistically challenging. Singapore is one such country with scarce land and limited natural resources. It has sometimes been criticised for being dearth on interesting residential designs. Creating homes with arresting spatial designs on limited land is one kettle of fish; there are also other regulations to consider such as stringent planning to adhere to, not forgetting, urban location prices come at a premium price. Therefore, discerning homeowners will employ some of the world’s most innovative architects to deliver the perfect solution. While commissioning a renowned architect can pay dividends especially if you want your own urban oasis, only if money is no object. As the first part of a three-part story, we look at two incredible Singapore properties – designed by Guz Architecture and Aamer Architects – that incorporate some ingenuity in architecture while encompassing the tenets of sound density, the orientation of the building, natural ventilation while bringing in a slice of the lush outdoors.

Grass-turfed roofs of Meera Sky Garden House

Meera Sky Garden House is a 9,176-square-foot, four-storey home situated on the prestigious Sentosa Island near to the central business district of Singapore. This amazing property is located on an exclusive housing estate and was created by Guz Architecture in 2010. The team involved in this project were Caroline Witzke, Szymon Goździkowski. Even though the plot was relatively small the clients wanted to create a spacious urban sanctuary.

Inviting the outdoors inside

Ultimately, this illusion was achieved by devising a multi-layered building with several luscious green roof gardens. Another ingenious trick was to construct a central light and stairwell that would passively channel the sea breeze through the building.

Curved trellis-like roofing is a talking point of Meera Sky Garden House

Internally, the dwelling utilises a contrast of organic materials like timber, stone, and glass to great effect. However, the homeowner’s favourite feature is the bespoke transparent-glazed swimming pool, which is visible from inside the residence.

Siglap Plain is situated on the junction of a minor and major road in a suburban residential are of eastern Singapore. The project was created by Aamer Architects (Aamer Taher, Albert Yeo, Ryan Kim) and is a reconstruction of an existing bungalow.

Siglap Plain’s arresting facade

Essentially, the clients brief was to create a modern multi-purpose space to accommodate his extensive furniture collection. Singapore-based, leading architect Aamer Taher describes the aesthetic as “raw and refine” because of the industrial style materials used in construction.

Siglap Plain – plenty of cross ventilation in the living room

A unique combination of raw concrete, finely-handcrafted teak screens and an abundance of glass make this 4,824-square foot residential home so special. Internal highlights include an open-plan living area, mezzanine study, and large master suite. Outside there are gardens/decked areas and a swimming pool, which provides passive cooling for the house. Alternatively, you can read about five luxury properties to desire for in Singapore.

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