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HAROW launches limited edition Iconic Stool N°1-A – Arnold

Known for its unconventional take on furniture, HAROW is back with its newest creation, the Iconic Stool N°1-A, Arnold.

Dec 17, 2015 | By null

HAROW’s reputation as a brand that pushes the envelope, when it comes to home furnishings, has once again prevailed as it introduces its first limited edition of the Iconic Stool N°1-A, Arnold.

No stranger to the eccentric furnishing concept, the French design studio was the one responsible for the famous angular Skull Armchair that was built for ‘Comfort and World Domination’.

This time around, the French design studio has conceptualized the perfect epitome of art and functional seating harmony to embody the spirit and philosophy of a machine-made man.

Harow N°1-A – Arnold

With the sculpture of a face fiercely gazing at its onlookers, Arnold personifies a powerful life devoid of failure, which is perfect for those who are driven by natural forces to achieve the pinnacle of glory.

Utilizing reinforced fiberglass, this sleek piece (limited to 12 only) features four choices of hues – chrome, gold, black and white – and they are all handcrafted in France.

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