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The Ranch At Rock Creek In Montana

The Ranch at Rock Creek is a Luxury Guest Ranch that brings together upscale amenities and wide open spaces like never before.

Mar 08, 2014 | By Luxuo

Granite Lodge

At a glance This fancy dude ranch conjures up images of busting broncos in big sky country. In reality you might be busting your stomach on some Montana steak.

The review It makes perfect sense that some people may want their friends and colleagues to think they were doing something more exciting or dangerous than what they really were doing during their vacation getaway.

The Ranch at Rock Creek living

They can go home after a week here and say they went to a dude ranch in Montana. What they really should be saying though is they went is an all-inclusive luxury ranch resort offering a slice of raw western adventure paired with unprecedented comfort and amenities.

The Ranch at Rock Creek spa

And I mean sure, sometimes, when they felt they really should see some of the countryside, they got on the horses or they went for a hike in the backcountry after a relaxing massage treatment.

horseback riding

The menu is varied and the quality in impressive for a place so remote. Imagine Belgian-style omelets with crimini mushrooms and gouda and local elk sausage for breakfast, Montana beef burgers and quinoa-cauliflower salad for lunch, and lavish dinners.

The Ranch at Rock Creek pool table

The décor is tricked out with copper bathtubs, calfskin rugs, custom duvets, historic photos, Montana-themed books, Indian blankets and all manner of antiques from nearby ghost towns. The effect created is larger than life and yet authentic. The language this place speaks is its currency.

The Ranch at Rock Creek cottage interior

The grandeur of the ranch is a constant surprise. This place does a good job of making you feel small. The colour of the sky and the mountains is what is overwhelming and not the way day to day life is. It would be really be hard to stay uptight at a serene place like this. The landscape really makes one awestruck, a word you can’t simply define by typing it into a search engine.

The Ranch at Rock Creek Blue Canteen

People come here to relax. They say people feel more relaxed in the time leading up to a vacation in anticipation then when they are on vacation but this place is the real reward. Everything here is about the reward, the promise that effort brings.

Blue Canteen

Where is it Philipsburg, Montana, Nestled amid Montana’s most breathtaking landscape.

What to love Because really now, pitching your own tent is so passé! The quintessence way to get outdoors is glamping – mixing glamorous amenities with camping out in the wild, there probably isn’t a more portmanteau word.

The Ranch at Rock Creek lounge

The popularity is on the rise, as is the emerging trend of luxury or glamorous camping. The Ranch is one of the first luxury accommodations in the “glamping” category as shown by this video on the Travel Channel.

Grayling Canvas Cabin

The Ranch at Rock Creek offers vacation alternatives that come pre-assembled and accessorized with lavish features.

The Ranch at Rock Creek table

If you only have one night Reserve a table at the Granite Lodge and taste world- class and regionally inspired cuisine. This under-the-radar spot is a favourite among celebrities (and perfect for marriage proposals).

Granite Lodge Dining Room

Bonus Just one quick tag search of “glamping wedding” on Pinterest will reveal how wildy popular glamping weddings are right now with both celebrities and brides. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves did it in Texas, NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen had one in Wyoming and Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish held their celebrity wedding right here at the Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. The Ranch has been featured in multiple U.S. magazines in the wedding and travel/leisure industry.

Ranch Wedding

From $850 a night;; 1-877-721-9686

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