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Resin Ramen

Hyper-realistic sculptures by Seung Yul Oh

Mar 08, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Auckland-based artist Seung Yul Oh has created a series of hyper-realistic artwork inspired by Asian culture and food. She has sculpted a series of traditional Korean dishes using silicone and resin. These models are not only impressively realistic but also possess surrealistic qualities.  Varying lengths, thickness and dimensions of each strand of noodle is taken into careful consideration. The noodles appear to be hanging from the surface of the floor from a pair of chopsticks that floats above the bowl. This creates an surreal illusion that the noodles are weightlessly hanging, enhancing the hyper-realism of his work. Other “ingredients” include eggs, seafood, vegetables and meats are also created with equal amount of precision in their dimensions. Seung Yul Oh was born in Seoul, South Korea and got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland, Australia. He alternates between working in Auckland and in Seoul. 


Resin Ramen Resin Ramen 1 Resin Ramen 2 Resin Ramen 3 Resin Ramen 5 Resin Ramen 6 Resin Ramen 7Resin Ramen 12Resin Ramen 8 Resin Ramen 9



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Images from Seung Yul Oh 


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