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Luxury superyacht: Monte Carlo Yachts customises the MCY 105 to the customers needs

Being innovative in any industry is a challenge. Succeeding in the yachting industry, requires it. We look at how Monte Carlo Yachts has made it easier for its owners to create the superyacht of their dreams

Mar 08, 2017 | By Suzy Rayment

Creating the superyacht of your dreams requires a great deal of decision-making in the early stages. Monte Carlo Yachts have simplified the process by offering owners a great platform on which to design their dream yacht.

MCY is a relatively new company, born from the notion of combining the very best of Made in Italy, the craft tradition of the nautical sector, with the industrial know-how of the Bénéteau Group, world leaders in the yacht sector. Now add the world-class design house of Nuvolari Lenard to this inspiring recipe, and you have a heady combination of style and expertise fit to take on the world.

The MCY 105 is the largest of the Monte Carlo Yachts range, and its launch coincided with the company’s fifth anniversary. The brand has developed its distinctive DNA by creating the sort of spaces that are usually only available on mega-yachts. In Asia, this brand is especially attractive by virtue of its ability to offer a bespoke superyacht at an extremely competitive price, not quite “something for nothing”, but certainly a lot more for the dollar than some of the competition. The look and feel of a MCY is what sets the brand apart; there are already two 105s in Hong Kong, and a third will arrive before the end of the year.

With 20 years of collaboration on superyachts, the designers Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard have been given carte blanche by MCY to create a distinctive brand. “We believe the most beautiful yachts possess a harmonious balance between form and function, performance and aesthetics. Harmony is at the centre of everything we do, and the whole must always be greater than the sum of its parts. We create unique yachts and experiences that people want, and we build them around our customers. Fortunately, MCY is just as passionate and motivated about their clients as we are.”

In order to create an entirely unique styling for each new yacht, the designers work with the owner to formulate the perfect solution. The MCY production process is a version of modular construction that allows every yacht to be highly customised. A new design only begins when the prospective owners meet with the designers; after the lifestyle preferences are noted, then the creative process can begin.

There are a number of interesting design elements that work well at sea, and then there are some that do not. At this point, the owner is strongly advised to take heed of the designer, and only an experienced designer can advise an owner as to which configuration will likely work best for his or her lifestyle. The MCY 105 is incredibly voluminous, allowing for an infinity of layout options and perfect customisation for every owner.

The younger boat owner possibly enjoys an adventurous and active lifestyle, and wants a boat arranged to accommodate larger groups for social occasions. In which case the layout design would focus on outdoor activities, incorporating a larger beach club area and positioning the Jacuzzi on the back deck, with the main saloon arranged for a relaxed and casual lifestyle.

If the yacht is primarily for family entertainment, then the designers will listen to the needs of the younger family members, for example by placing the Jacuzzi on the flybridge. This allows the children and adults to enjoy the space together, combined with a relaxed alfresco dining arrangement, and voila, the whole family is catered for. This also means that the main saloon can be assigned as a more formal entertainment space that comes into its own once the children have gone to bed.

Then again, if the purpose of the yacht is mainly for business, private spaces for confidential meetings will be required as well as sporty spaces for relaxed entertainment. It all depends on what you want and the MCY 105 and the designers can accommodate every demand.

The large Portuguese deck at the bow is a space that has been completely transformed by MCY. The area can be used as an exclusive alfresco dining area, or as an entertainment area with the accent on privacy, especially in marinas where the yacht is moored stern-to. Seating arrangements can be varied so that the area is open and spacious, or more intimate and cozy.

Let’s look at the flybridge: yet another exceptional area on the MCY 105, where the living space and the general appointment of the boat are unmatched for a yacht of this size and class. If the lifestyle preference is for casual and relaxed, then a barbeque and galley station can be installed on the flybridge, thus reducing the need for staff to bring food or equipment from the downstairs galley up to the flybrid. However, the space could also be used to house a Jacuzzi, along with a sundeck and bar. In fact, the only thing that does need to remain constant is the position of the helm station on the flybridge.

The owner’s suite and VIP cabins are also unique, with the raised pilothouse allowing maximum space and comfort for the master cabin. Located on the main deck, the owner’s suite is full beam and features fabulous full-size windows. This private space can be made personal by accessorising with a variety of fabrics; leather, metal or wood finishes are available. The Nuvolari Lenard Design Team believe that the success of the brand is a result of the collection’s iconic design elements, such as a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure, the painstaking attention given to the interiors, and the proportions and dynamism of the vessel’s lines. “No detail, no matter how small, is overlooked. We are there all along with the shipyard, to make sure that each yacht is the perfect yacht for that owner!”

For more information visit Monte Carlo Yachts, Simpson Marine and Asia Yachting.

This article was first published in Yacht Style Issue 36.

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