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Rémy Martin reinvents the cognac glass

Rémy Martin will be unveiling a selection of new cocktail glass designs as part of Paris Design Week this autumn, under the theme of “Rémyxologie”.

Sep 02, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Remy martin Futur Heritage esquisse

Cognac brand  will be unveiling a selection of cocktail glass designs as part of Paris Design Week, under the theme of “Rémyxologie”.

The designs have been created by 10 students at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne as part of Rémy Martin’s “Futur Héritage” program and offer a fresh perspective on the brand’s traditional design approach.

The series includes “Shaker en Cristal” by Anouk Meyer, which blends the elegance of a vintage cocktail pitcher with the functionality of a shaker.

Remy martin Futur Heritage

“Totem” by Hongchao Wang features a built-in ice bucket, while “Nomade” by Rachel Suming acts as a portable bar.

“Synesthésie” by Monica Albini focuses on the role smell has in mixology, allowing for flavor infusions through an integrated metallic sphere, while “Rémy Bubble” by Adriana Castillo Cota encases the cognac in a bubble of ice, mixing it with the ingredients as it melts.

Italian interiors brand B&B Italia will showcase the series on September 5 as part of its Paris Design Week celebrations.

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