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Be the Hero, Save the Christmas Party

Dec 22, 2017 / Alcohol

We can’t all be Detective John McClane and save a Christmas Party ala Die Hard, but we can still ensure that a gathering stays well libated with these few premium spirits

World’s First Louis XIII Cognac Store Opens Beijing

Oct 12, 2016 / Alcohol

Louis XIII cognac opens its very first boutique in the world that is dedicated to providing guests with a truly luxurious experience.

Rémy Martin Carte Blache á Baptiste Loiseau

Aug 31, 2016 / Alcohol

The prestigious Cognac Fine Champagne house launches a limited edition Carte Blanche series in collaboration with DFS Group.

Louis XIII Le Mathusalem: Six Liter Fine Cognac

Jul 11, 2016 / Alcohol

Fine cognac and Baccarat crystal make an excellent match in a new limited edition by the iconic imprint from Remy Martin.

Royal Treat: Louis XIII L’Odyssee d’un Roi

May 24, 2016 / Alcohol

Remy Martin collaborates with three other luxury artisans for a special cognac set auctioning this fall.

Rémy Martin Unveils Cannes XO Limited Edition

May 10, 2016 / Alcohol

The brand honours the silver screen with a limited edition bottle that embodies the best of cinema.

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