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Be the Hero, Save the Christmas Party, Bring a Bottle of Premium Spirits

We can’t all be Detective John McClane and save a Christmas Party ala Die Hard, but we can still ensure that a gathering stays well libated with these few premium spirits

Dec 22, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

Love it or hate it, Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie. Think about it, Die Hard is literally a story about a cynical guy who has to overcome immense odds in order to learn the true meaning of Christmas. John McClane is pretty darned heroic too – he’s not your stereotypical Rambo-esque, muscle-bound ex-special forces soldier, instead, he’s a dad (with a dad bod to boot), trying to salvage his marriage, when a bunch of Euro-trash terrorists humbug his estranged wife’s Christmas eve party. It sucks, but what’s a man to do? Save Christmas of course.

Guess what else sucks –  A Christmas party potentially running out of booze. Guess who is it up to save Christmas? You, my friend; That’s why Luxuo has taken it upon ourselves to put together this list of premium spirits with which you can use to orchestrate your own Christmas miracle, Beretta and (increasingly dirty) tank top not required.

Be the Hero, Save the Christmas Party, Bring a Bottle of Premium Spirits


A tribute to the Golden Age of Cocktails, this incandescent work of art makes an impeccable addition to any home bar. Retails at SGD48. Price is subject to GST.

Limited Edition Cointreau L’Age d’Or du Cocktail – SG$48

This Limited Edition Cointreau L’Age d’Or du Cocktail is a luminous visual homage to the Art Deco style of the Roaring Twenties. The facets of the iconic square bottle of the classic French orange liqueur are transformed to mimic the decorative Moderne glass block walls popular at the time, while the label features emblematic symmetrical and geometric Art Deco motifs.

The Botanist Gift Tin retails at SGD98+ subject to GST

The Botanist Gift Tin – SG$98

The Botanist Gift Tin adds a dash of sophistication to any shelf with The Botanist Gin encased in an elegant white gift tin embossed with the brand’s iconic design, featuring the Latin derivatives of the 22 island botanicals unique to Islay’s first and only gin.

The ‘Wee Laddies’ Tasting Collection will be available at La Maison du Whisky at SGD178.

Bruichladdich ‘Wee Laddies’ Tasting Collection – SG$178

The Bruichladdich ‘Wee Laddies’ Tasting Collection will be the talk of the Christmas party for whisky connoisseurs, featuring three tasting bottles of the award-winning progressive distillery’s core expressions: The Classic Laddie, Islay Barley and Port Charlotte Scottish Barley.

The Rémy Martin XO Coffee retails at SGD288. Price is subject to GST.

Rémy Martin XO Coffret – SG$288

This festive limited edition Rémy Martin XO Coffret presents the iconic XO bottle in a glossy, gold gift box designed to showcase the convergence of over 400 eaux-de-vie and the years of great expertise, tasting and blending in each bottle of this opulent Extra Old Cognac Fine Champagne.

As important: Many parties eventually run out of ice. Bring the ice.

You can get your Ice delivered via refrigerated truck via Uni-Tat Ice. Alternatively, you can pick up a bag or two from your nearest 7-11 or NTUC (some of them are open 24 hours). Ice delivery:

Top 5 Singapore Alcohol sites

  1. Asher Beer Wine Spirits online liquor store delivers alcohol islandwide in Singapore, and with minimum spend of S$ 100, delivery is free! Else, you also can choose self collection. Shop Asher BWS.
  2. Alcohol Delivery SG is an online liquor store which touts booze delivery within the hour. And this Christmas weekend, they’re open from 12PM to 2AM! Shop Alcohol Delivery SG.
  3. The Liquor Bar is an online liquor delivery site, specialising in all sorts of premium spirits with a physical store recently opened at Parklane #02-21m S188307. Minimum spend of $300 for free delivery. Shop
  4. Alcohaul is an on-demand, online wine, beer, whisky, and spirits marketplace that makes getting alcohol products as hassle-free and insanely easy. Free delivery for orders above $100 as well. Shop Alcohaul.
  5. Boasting the fastest delivery time (30 minutes on average), BottlesXO is your solution for drinking emergencies and Christmas parties about to run dry. Most amazingly, there is no minimum order or delivery fee in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore and they’re open to delivering your bottles to wherever you are, even a park. You gotta download the app though.


Little John McClane Christmas cards will liven up any guest. Different from your usual Greeting cards.

Final Parting Christmas tip – Nobody really keeps Christmas Cards BUT here’s one they will definitely cherish

A pack of four A5 luxury Little John McClane christmas cards, illustrated by Nick Scurfield ( Printed on 350gsm silk artboard, they evocative of the ultimate Christmas movie and “never say die” aka “die hard” spirit which saves the day/night/party. Buy Here: Little John McClane Christmas Cards


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