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Noma restaurant launches gourmet coffee program

Noma, the world’s top-ranked restaurant, is offering diners a new artisanal coffee service developed by world championship barista Tim Wendelboe.

Mar 27, 2013 | By AFPRelaxnews

Noma coffee program

Noma has launched a new coffee program with a world champion barista who uses a Japanese drip system to produce a brew that looks like red wine and smells of red berries.

The Copenhagen restaurant announced on its blog that after “months of planning and preparations,” the eatery has started to offer a special coffee menu which uses a special blend of lightly roasted coffee developed by world champion barista Tim Wendelboe of Norway.

The light, fresh and acidic flavors are meant to complement the menu and the “Noma experience.”

Tim Wendelboe sources his beans from small-scale, sustainable, socially responsible coffee farmers in Kenya and Central America. Currently on the menu is a java sourced from Mount Elgon, Kenya.

Coffee is brewed through a V60 system, designed by Japanese company Hario, a manual ceramic dripper which optimizes extraction by filtering the coffee through a brewing cone and into the cup.

Coffee is also served in custom-made glassware, designed by a local Dutch glass blower to enhance the flavor experience.

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