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Juuke Schoorl explores the aesthetic possibilities of the human skin

Nov 10, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Dutch Artist Juuke schoorl’s photography series of beautiful skin manipulations questions whether the unnatural textures are a result of digital manipulations or a physical molds applied to the body of the subject. It is fascinating when the viewer finds out that the skin alterations are actually a result of the student employing nylon fishing rope and tape to shape the different patterns on the skin. Her innovative use of material to work with the flexibility of human skin yields beautiful textures and designs. These photographs are part of her graduation project titled “REK”, which means “stretch” in dutch. Her fascination with the inherent properties of our natural body, combined with her imagination of re-contextualizing it, have led to this intriguing exploration of the possibilities of our outer layer. She explains that. ‘rather than only seeing the body as a complete entity‘, “I also see it as a collection of meticulously curated components, shapes, materials and textures, that can be challenged.’ Visit Juuke Schoorl’s website to see other works. 



Rek 1

Rek 2

Rek 3

Rek 4

Rek 5


via Designboom 

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