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Léonard Combier’s whimsical passport doodles

Mar 07, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Illustrator Leonard Combier has taken to drawing on the pages of passports. Using ordinary passports, he creates a compact whimsical world of intricate drawings, quotes, tiny details, along with stamps. His “doodles” are carefully constructed using hundreds of shapes, with different areas evoking different thoughts and stories- just like how different visas and custom stamps can evoke memories of different areas. Metaphorically, he represents the notion of discovery on a micro-level in the small pages of this important travel document.

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Leonard Combier Illustration 06 565x397

Leonard Combier Illustration 04 565x401

Leonard Combier Illustration 03 565x396 

Leonard Combier Illustration 02 565x393



via Beautiful Decay

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