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Pichi & Avo juxtapose greek gods against graffiti

Mar 07, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Spanish street artist duo Pichi & Avo have created intriguing murals of Greek mythological creatures on the street graffiti-ed walls. The precision, shading, and use of color is all that more impressive considering each piece is painted only with spray paint. Instead of commonly graffiti-ed modern political and social figures like Obama and Gandhi, this innovative duo introduces an interesting take on socio-political urban art by featuring political leaders of the past.

The duo first started collaborating in 2007. To see more of Pichi & Avo’s work, you can visit their official website here


Urban Iconomythology

Urban Iconomythology 1

Urban Iconomythology 3

Urban Iconomythology 4

Urban Iconomythology 5

Urban Iconomythology 6



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