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Artist uses the notion of niqab to identify people

Aug 11, 2014 | By Staff Writer

‘what kind of image does the muslim veil return in occidental society?’

how can we perceive people if they’re hidden?’.

French designer Theo Kasperowicz has created a graphic project that explores these very questions. Applying the notion of the niqab, a veil that hides the entire face except the eyes (commonly worn by muslim women in the middle east), Kasperowicz created a series of portraits that have almost been completely blurred and allowing only the eyes to be visible. The facial features of his subjects are obscured through the blurring of the image. However, the human form is still recognizable. His art project was created in response to  censorship issues in the media whereby people’s eyes are often masks to protect their identity. Here, the artist presents a form of masking which ironically reveals.


 Marie 1

Marie 2

Marie 3

Marie 4

Check out the Artist’s tumblr here

via designboom 

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