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Just an Illusion

Natalie Fletcher transforms the human torso into an optical illusion

Mar 13, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Artist Natalie Fletcher uses the human torso as her canvas. Without any photoshoshop or tactics, she paints incredible optical illusions on the human skin freehanded using an airbrush. Her series of body paintings, titled Just an Illusion, features remarkable optical illusions that seem to bend and morph the torso into various shapes. The black contour lines she cleverly paints also trick the eye into thinking that the various parts of the torso are popping out or sinking deeper into the skin. In addition to the black lines, she also incorporates various bright base colors like green and fuchsia, making funky and dynamic designs. The Oregon-based artist started her career a few years ago and became recognized after winning the TV show Skin Wars. She has also started on a project titled 100 Bodies Across America where she plans to paint 2 of such body paintings in each state. 

Visit Natalie Fletcher’s website to learn more about the artist and her project. 

Just An Illusion

Just An Illusion 1

Just An Illusion 3


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