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Floating City

Nina Lindgren’s Impressive Cardboard Architecture

Aug 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Stockholm-based artist Nina Lindgren has built an elaborate cardboard structure that looks like houses tightly-packed together to form a small architectural island. The structure, titled Floating City, was constructed after Lindgren carefully stacked the geometric cardboard pieces on top of one another like puzzle pieces. Internal lights were also installed in some of the boxes to give the whole structure a cityscape appearance. Hung from the ceiling, the floating metropolis radiates life and movement despite the mundane medium it is constructed from. Floating City was recently on display at the ArtRebels Gallery in Copenhagen. Besides this architectural project, emerging Swedish artist Nina Lindgren also works in illustration, photography and printmaking.  

Floating City 3Floating City 1

Floating City 4

Floating City 5

Floating City 6

Floating City 7


Visit Nina’s Website Here

Images taken from Artist’s Website


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