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Washi Paper Forest

Artist Takashi Kuribayashi installs paper forest in the sapporo art museum

Aug 22, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Japanese Artist Takashi Kuribayashi has installed a paper forest in the exhibition space of the Sapporo Art Museum. Crafted entirely from Japanese washi paper, the entire room is filled with fascinating pure white trees. The installation is displayed in a multi-layered format whereby the audience sees the paper forest from underneath it. A large paper expanse will cover the audience as they walk through the exhibition and the crevices are cut from the large paper hanging above the audience, acting as observation spots for which the viewer can also look through.Walking through this exhibition feels like getting lost in an enchanted forest during a white winter’s day. The large paper is meant to represent Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest island, and presents an opportunity to reexamine the relationship between man and his environment and to reflect on the distinction between natural and artificial. This artwork was created specifically for the 2014 sapporo international art festival that will run until 28 September.

Washi Paper Forest 5 

 Washi Paper Forest 1

Washi Paper Forest 2

Washi Paper Forest 3

Washi Paper Forest 4 

Washi Paper Forest 7

Washi Paper Forest 8

Washi Paper Forest 9


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