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Epic Street Murals by Blu

Italian street artist creates new murals for Italian city walls

Apr 08, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Italian renowned street artist Blu is known for decorating Italian city walls with incredible murals. Recently, he has taken to painting his highly innovative designs on street walls in Niscemi, a town in the province of Caltanissetta in Sicily. Prominently, he created a three-story mural depicting a military official playing a “weaponized” xylophone. His works often combine disparate elements to create extreme visual density. These elements include religion, economics, politics and his dislike of war and injustice. Blu seems to centre each design around a common recurring symbol, amplifying the themes explored within each mural. Each colorful mural holds an underlying darker, nihilistic tone, acting as a satirical display of the current socio-politicas at play in our present day and age.  


 Blu 9

Blu 8

Blu 10Blu 7

Blu 6 Blu 5 Blu 4

Blu 3

Blu 2

Blu 1 1

Learn more aobut Blu and see more of his works here


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