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Beauty in Destruction

Instead of selling your old Fiat 500, why not crush it instead?

Jan 08, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Who would have thought that a flattened and dismembered Fiat 500 would look so good? 

Inspired by the “way in which automobile bodies, specifically the Fiat 500, behave under compression”, Ron Arad has transformed these vehicles into two-dimensional pieces of mayhem that has undoubted visual appeal. Accompanying these installations are visual simulations of the crushing process that provides more graphic representations of the six Fiat 500s that complete this installation displayed at the Design Museum Holon in Israel. Arad’s pieces form the latter part of an art show called In Reverse.

Arad’s constant experimentation with the possibilities of materials such as steel, aluminum or polyamide and his radical re-conception of the form and structure of furniture has put him at the forefront of contemporary design. 

Perhaps this has sparked some hope in an arguably purposeful after-life for all you automobile enthusiasts out there.

Here are some more of his utterly flattened Fiat 500s for your viewing pleasure.

Beauty In Destruction 1

Beauty In Destruction 2

Beauty In Destruction 3

Beauty In Destruction 4

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