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Animal Art

Fiona creates drawings that emerge from gallery walls

Jul 09, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Based in Vancouver, a young fresh graduate, Fiona Tang, creates astounding works of art. She uses a technique called Trompe L’oeil to produce her life-sized and almost mystical drawings of animals. Trompe L’oeil allows for two-dimensional drawings to appear three-dimensional. One would witness a whale encountering a fearsome shark; a tiger clutching its prey; a majestic fish splashed with outstanding colours. Her mediums include charcoal, acrylic paint and chalk pastel. Incredibly expressive, her technique and style makes her work come to life. Driven by pure passion, Fiona’s art serves as her outlet for expression and even as a form of therapy, as well as the enjoyment of others. (via mymodernmet)


Animal Art. 

Animal Art 1

Animal Art 2

Animal Art 3

Animal Art 4


Check out more of Fiona’s works here.

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