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Seakeepers Asia Unites Ocean Lovers During Awards Dinner ONE ̊15 Marina

The elegant Seakeepers Asia Awards Dinner 2019 held at ONE ̊15 Marina, Sentosa Cove, marked the fourth year since the formation of SeaKeepers Asia and rewarded recent actions undertaken for oceans preservation.

May 29, 2019 | By Jonathan Ho

Seakeepers Asia Awards Dinner 2019 held at ONE ̊15 Marina, Sentosa Cove, Uniting Ocean Lovers

Yacht Style publisher Gael Burlot, CEO of Lux Inc Media, and Olivier Burlot, CEO of Heart Media, were both honoured with a Friends of SeaKeepers Award at The International SeaKeepers Society Asia Awards Dinner, which was held at ONE ̊15 Marina, Sentosa Cove in April.The elegant evening marked the fourth year since the formation of SeaKeepers Asia, with founder and President Julian Chang among those speaking at the event organized by Gail Tay.

Built upon established international programming, the focus of International SeaKeepers is in Asia and is creating a better local awareness of the current situation of our oceans in order to build a sense of appreciation and commitment to protect, conserve and restore when possible.

The International SeaKeepers Society established SeaKeepers Asia with the launch event Singapore 3D chaired by Board Member, Julian Chang and his wife, Sandra. This expansion with a new chapter in Asia is also under the leadership of Julian Chang, who is also an active member of the yachting and shipping industry in Singapore and China. He has been tasked with expanding the success of SeaKeepers’ programs to this region.

Gail Tay

Dr Achier Chung was honoured with a SeaKeeper of Malaysia Award while the Gili Shark Conservation Project, represented by Dr Andre Supatra, won the Asia Achievement Award for 2019. Dr Achier Chung is the first non-government appointed marine biologist, to run the only privately managed Marine Protected Area in the Sulu – Sulawesi Sea called The Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA).

Dr Achier Chung

Besides research work on the turtle species, she is also managing the enforcement programme against illegal fishing practices such as trawling and blasting. Featured on Discovery Channel Asia, in an episode of the series Frontier Borneo, Dr Chung is proud to feature work done in fighting fish bombing in the Sulu Sea.

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