Moet & Chandon 1911 Grand Vintage collection

Moet Chandon 1911 Grand Vintage Collection

Moët & Chandon have released 11, limited-edition coffrets of six bottles of Grand Vintage Collection 1911, to go on display in one of Harrods’ Christmas windows.

Available exclusively from Harrods for a price tag of £65,000 ($100,000), the 100-year-old Champagne comes from one of its most memorable vintages.

Even at the time of its harvest a century ago, the 1911 vintage was recognized then as memorable by the chef de cave of Moet & Chandon.

This extraordinary champagne has been conserved under optimum aging conditions in the chateau’s cellars, and the bottles were disgorged only in early 2011.

According to wine critic Tom Stevenson, the Champagne is a “beautiful pale yellow gold” with a floral and fruity nose.

“After a century, it’s still bubbly on the palate!” he added. “Grand Vintage Collection 1911 is a superb vintage Champagne, both elegantly mature and deliciously lively.”

One of the cases was auctioned at a gala dinner in Shanghai in September, raising US$100,000 for charity.

Moet Chandon 1911 bottle