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Reinventing the Rules with The Sam Willows

Bvlgari’s newest B.Zero 1 Labyrinth ring features an architectural spiral of white gold and rose gold transitioning into each other, reflecting the modern world as a maze of choices and adventures. To navigate this plethora of possibilities? Rule by reinventing the rules. A mantra to live by, as B.Zero 1 spokesmodel Bella Hadid, as well as local friend of Bvlgari, The Sam Willows, have done. We find out more about the iconic ring, and what it takes to chase after one’s dreams fearlessly. (Part 2)

In Singapore, Bvlgari has collaborated with local band The Sam Willows on a music video for their newest single, ‘Papa Money’. As friend of Bvlgari, The Sam Willows, made up of brother and sister Benjamin and Narelle Kheng, as well as Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua, embody the B.Zero 1 spirit of ruling by reinventing the rules.

The Sam Willows released their self-titled EP in October 2012. It was a runaway success that launched their career. They have since played on numerous stages both locally and abroad, including F1 Singapore Grand Prix concerts as well as MU:CON in Seoul, Korea and the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, USA and their own sell-out concert in 2016.

In the music video for ‘Papa Money’, which is a song representing the band’s generation’s strong work ethic and search for independence, The Sam Willows wear the B.Zero 1 collection of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings that perfectly reflect the group’s energy, edginess and ambition. ART REPUBLIK speaks to The Sam Willows to find out more about their collaboration with Bvlgari, and how they work as a team to offer new sounds to a captive audience.

In 2018, Bvlgari invites women to invent their own rules, as reflected through their innovative jewelry, such as the B.Zero 1 ring. What are the rules you’ve broken or made for yourselves that have served you well in your career as musicians?

While we aren’t exactly experts in deciphering the rules of being musicians, we’ve always stuck to the notion of stepping outside the box, whether it’s directing our own MVs or exploring new genres and sounds. We like pushing ourselves to do something we’ve never done before. Why put out a record that sounds like the previous one?

The B.Zero 1 ring is a mix of eternity– as inspired by Rome’s famed Coliseum– and industrial modernity. How have you been inspired by both the traditional and the contemporary in your artistic pursuits?

A couple of us have classical music foundations, and other odd influences such as Musical Theatre. But we all love the electronic advents of Pop and how it fits in with analog instruments, live guitars and drums. For this album, we threw in some fresh ideas we felt like no one had ever heard from us before (or would expect to).

The new B.Zero 1 Labyrinth ring is a fresh interpretation of the B.Zero 1 ring first launched in 1999. How do you keep things new and exciting for yourselves as musicians and for your fans? And/or how have you evolved as artistes since you began The Sam Willows in 2012?

Our mantra is to constantly push ourselves in every direction that offers progression. While we understand that, yes, there are some common familiarities our listeners associate us with, we like to challenge ourselves. The music landscape is changing rapidly, and it’s disingenuous to pretend that we aren’t influenced by new trends and ideas. We love talking about the latest in music and film. Getting a steady diet of new material helps a lot.

This issue of ART REPUBLIK is themed ‘The A Team’. How does The Sam Willows work as a team? Who takes up which role, and what are the team dynamics like?

Six years in now, we’re feeling like an adolescent figuring out who he or she is and starting to take strides. We’ve got a great support system around us, but within the band the roles are pretty defined. Jon is the logistics and operative head, Sandra and Narelle work the visual creatives and Ben takes care of the music and arrangements. But we’re also at point where all these roles freely interchange.

You’ve mentioned before that the band listens to a diverse range of music as individuals. Could you talk about who listens to which genres in particular, and also how these musical interests feed off each other to create the unique The Sam Willows sound?

Right now, all our music playlists are syncing up massively (spend enough time around people and this happens). But when we first started out, Ben was big on Musical Theatre and Nu-Metal, Jon was heavily influenced by Country/Blues, Sandra on Pop and R&B, and Narelle on Indie and Electro Pop. All these elements do still creep into our jam sessions and songwriting but everything’s starting to blend into each other.

You’ve performed extensively within the region. Could you comment on the music scene in Singapore/Southeast Asia since you started out? What are you optimistic about and what could stand to change?

The music scene in Singapore is still very much growing, and we’re definitely headed in the right direction judging by the immense amount of genuine potential out there. We see new and upcoming artists in Singapore and around the region constantly churning out new music, new content and just changing the game day in and day out. This is great because it keeps us on our toes and pushes us to get involved with some value-adding contributions of our own. Right now, there isn’t much we would change in that aspect just because it’s such a subjective matter. Everyone has their own ways of going about things, and what might work for some might not necessarily work for others. We’d say as long as everyone keeps pushing the boundaries, the only way we can go is up.

What would you consider the band’s career highlights?

Getting to travel Japan and play for Summersonic Festival last year and headlining our very own sold-out concert in 2016 are definitely in the top 5.

You collaborated with an artist Yang Er for your ‘Keep Me Jealous’ music video. How did that collaboration come about and can we expect more of such art collaborations in the near future?

Yang Er is a great friend of ours with an artistic blueprint that needed to be stretched across a massive canvas to reach its full glory. We needed someone with great process (and patience) for our music video and it felt like a perfect fit. Collaborations are fun when it’s least expected too. We’re looking at working with some fashion brands, other regional artists and creative heads and we also have one particularly exciting project with Bvlgari coming up!

Who/what are your favourite artists/artworks who have in some way had an impact on your creative output?

In the pop world, Jon Mayer, Pink, The 1975, The Weeknd, just to name a few. Visually, we love the work of Wes Anderson and Hayao Miyazaki.

Tell us more about the new album on which “Keep Me Jealous” and “Save Myself” are singles.

When we were writing this record, we were in a really exciting but scary point in our careers. We were just done with the first album cycle, and found ourselves at multiple crossroads of where we could take the band. We were all at the age of grasping adulthood responsibilities and social empathies, so we used all of that as fuel and put together an assortment of songs that we felt represent not just us and what we’ve been through, but also topics that we feel resonate with our generation. Times have changed, and a lot of real-world conventionalisms have changed with them, so it was great to kind of reinvent these concepts and offer our viewpoints on these things.

What can we look forward to from The Sam Willows in 2018? What projects do you have in the works as a group and as individuals?

This is a tricky question, because while we’re bursting at the seams to share everything that we have planned for 2018, we want to keep that element of surprise and not give away too much (because where’s the fun in that?). All we can say is to keep a lookout these next few months for more songs and an album!

What advice do you have for young people in creative fields, whether in music, art, dance fashion etc.? What’s the secret formula and/or what is the one characteristic that has contributed to your success?

We’re still very much learning new things as we go through every day, so we wouldn’t formally consider ourselves fully qualified to provide indisputable advice, but if we were able to share what we’ve learnt, we’d say that on that note– you should always be open to learning and honing your craft, while staying true to your values as an artist and what you want to achieve. This career isn’t about a sprint to the finish line, but rather a marathon that requires some careful pacing.

More information at thesamwillows.com.

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Reinventing the Rules with Bvlgari’s B.Zero 1 Labyrinth Ring

Bvlgari’s newest B.Zero 1 Labyrinth ring features an architectural spiral of white gold and rose gold transitioning into each other, reflecting the modern world as a maze of choices and adventures. To navigate this plethora of possibilities? Rule by reinventing the rules. A mantra to live by, as B.Zero 1 spokesmodel Bella Hadid, as well as local friend of Bvlgari, The Sam Willows, have done. We find out more about the iconic ring, and what it takes to chase after one’s dreams fearlessly. (Part 1)

Introduced in 1999, Bvlgari’s B.Zero 1 ring was made after the iconic Coliseum in Rome, Italy, in an assertion of Italian daring and innovation to create a new classic. Since then, the ring has been reinvented numerous times, including by renowned British sculptor Anish Kapoor in 2010 for the ring’s 10th anniversary, and as envisioned by the late visionary architect Zaha Hadid in 2017.

For Bvlgari’s 2018 campaign, Norwegian fashion photographer and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Sølve Sundsbø photographed top model Bella Hadid showing off the B.Zero 1 collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The modern blue marble background in the images reflects Bvlgari’s preference for bold, coloured cabochons-gems that are as smooth and polished as Italy’s famed sculptures rather than for traditional jewellers’ penchant for using faceted diamonds.

In line with Bvlgari’s philosophy for continual reinvention of jewellery design to create new standards in artistry, 2018 is focused on a celebration of women who take risks to live the lives they want. As a successful career woman who constantly challenges herself, Hadid embodies B.Zero 1’s spirit of ruling by reinventing the rules, and is its perfect spokesmodel. In Sundsbø’s inspired images, Hadid’s strength comes through in representation and celebration of all women who dare to break boundaries.

More information at bulgari.com.

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Lucia Silvestri on Bulgari B.zero1

The Colosseum towers over me as I take in the view of this mammoth historical Roman structure. It is not difficult at all to see how Bulgari’s hallmark B.zero1 ring was inspired by this work of art. Its circular form is similar to the Colosseum’s elliptical shape; its sensual, fluid lines echo the amphitheatre’s different levels; and, like the ancient landmark, it is finished – on the top and at the base – with flat loops that anchor the middle.

First unveiled at the end of 1999, the B.zero1 was the most revolutionary of its kind for both Bulgari and the jewellery scene then. Not only did the ring boast a refined design that fused the Tubogas (a flexible tubular chain which Bulgari reintroduced in the ’40s) with the Italian label’s highly distinct 1934 “BVLGARI” logo, it was also crafted using an ingenious system of wrapped and interlocked metal strips that did not require any soldering.

Touted by Bulgari as the “unbroken link between past, present and future”, the B.zero1 has evolved from its original yellow and white gold guises to include refreshing, precious material combos including gold and marble, gold and ceramic, and, most recently, a mix of pink, yellow and white gold in a collection entitled Perfect Mistake.

Creative director Lucia Silvestri has worked at Bulgari for 35 years and carries a Sri Lankan sapphire in her handbag as her lucky charm.

Creative director Lucia Silvestri has worked at Bulgari for 35 years and carries a Sri Lankan sapphire in her handbag as her lucky charm.

Here, at Bulgari’s headquarters in Rome, creative director Lucia Silvestri shares more.

Why is Rome such a big inspiration for Bulgari?

“Rome is an open-space museum. The colors here are unique and I was born here, so there is an immediate connection to the locale. And you know, the city is so beautiful, especially the walk along Via Condotti; I see the Spanish Steps, and I tell myself ‘gosh, this is marvelous’. I see Rome in my creations for Bulgari all the time.”

Tell us about the new B.zero1 Perfect Mistake.

“In 1999, Bulgari came up with three B.zero1 designs. Two were produced – one in yellow gold and one in white gold. We also developed a prototype of the third and final design, which combined yellow, white and pink gold in one ring, just to have an idea of how it would look. But we decided it was too early to launch that piece, as the B.zero1 was so revolutionary at that time. Furthermore, we wanted to see how customers reacted to and if they would appreciate the first two colors, so we stuck with those two. The prototype was left in Bulgari’s safe for more than 10 years. This year, we thought about how we could refresh and relaunch the B.zero1, and we found this third design which had three colors. This was it!”Bulgari--B-zero-1-article

Is the more flamboyant time we live in today a reason for Bulgari to finally launch the B.zero1 Perfect Mistake?

“Yes, that was one of the reasons! But it was also because the B.zero1 was really revolutionary at the time of its launch, and we wanted to bring back something that was slightly different but could, at the same time, reinforce the history of Bulgari.”

How did you come up with the new, slimmer bracelet for the B.zero1 range?

“I found the previous ones very bold and beautiful but, perhaps, not so easy to pull off. The new B.zero1 bracelet is more wearable and more versatile. You can wear it in one shade of gold or as a stack of white, yellow or pink.”

Who is the woman who wears the Bulgari B.zero1?

“She’s a very confident, self-assured, modern woman who has no qualms wearing more than one. Personally, I like to wear a lot of bracelets nowadays. The contemporary woman of today will walk into our boutique and buy something not only for herself, but for her daughters and nieces too – that is how timeless Bulgari’s pieces are.”

This story was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.

Bulgari Bzero1 Roma Ring

Bulgari B.zero1 Roma Ring

Bulgari Bzero1 Roma Ring

Italian luxury label  continues to celebrate its 130th anniversary, most recently with the launch of a new ring in its iconic B.zero1 collection.

A tribute to the Italian capital, the B.zero1 Roma consists of four bronze ceramic bands outlined by delicate rose gold.

Echoing the luxury brand’s signature style codes, the ring is engraved with the words BVLGARI ROMA along both edges.

“The B.zero1 Roma’s fluid lines symbolize the imposing circular grandeur of the ancient Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Pantheon.”

This unisex ring, designed for the brand’s 130th anniversary, is priced at €1,300. Bulgari is expected to unveil additional special editions over the coming weeks, including jewelry, watches, accessories and perfumes.

Versace Greca Red Rubies ring

Versace celebrates Valentine’s Day with rubies

Versace has revealed a fun and pretty new limited edition jewelry collection in tones of pink, red and gold just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Versace Greca Red Rubies ring

The “Greca Red Rubies” line was inspired by one of Versace’s famed motifs, the iconic Greek key symbol, which has been given a contemporary twist.

Versace Greca Red Rubies earrings

The four-piece collection includes a pendant, earrings, a bracelet and a ring all featuring curved forms, with a yellow gold setting and bright red rubies.

Versace Greca Red Rubies pendant

The Greca Red Rubies collection is priced from €2,200 up to €6,000.

Versace Greca Red Rubies bracelet

mauboussin dessert

A dessert inspired by jeweler Mauboussin

Luxurious hotel the Renaissance Paris Vendôme will soon offer guests of its Pinxo restaurant the chance to savor a dessert designed to resemble Mauboussin’s iconic “L’Oeuvre Noire” ring.

mauboussin dessert

Head chef Mathieu Robillard and pastry chef Bryan Esposito have concocted an exquisite treat with blackcurrants, chocolate and pralines. It is adorned with a dark chocolate disk stamped with Mauboussin‘s famous star logo.

“L’Oeuvre Noire,” the dessert, will be on the menu at Pinxo from February 15 to April 15 at the price of €15.

Tsarevna Swan ring diamonds

Record Number of Diamonds Set in One Ring

Tsarevna Swan ring diamonds

The Lobortas Classic Jewelry House of Kiev, Ukraine has entered the record books by setting 2,525 diamonds in one ring.

The “Tsarevna Swan” ring was presented and measured in Kiev on July 21, 2011, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed.

The diamonds range from 0.001-0.05 carats with a total weight of 10.48 carats. All of the diamonds are of G color and range from VVS2 to VS1 in clarity.
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Azulea Collection Rings

De Beers Azulea Collection

 Azulea Collection Rings

The De Beers Azulea Collection is a range of elegant rings crafted in four colours of gold, to be worn alone for everyday sparkle, or stacked for a contemporary statement.

With inspiration taken from the mesmerising horizon line, the single diamond in each horizon band is carefully set as a focal point to evoke light.

The Azulea rings are meticulously hand crafted using the detailed ‘sertipoinçon’ hallmark setting that is unique to De Beers.

Rare Pink Diamond to be Auctioned by Sotheby’s

An exceptinally rare pink stone is set to break the record for being the world’s most expensive diamond ever.

The pink stone is estimated to be worth $27-38 million when it goes under the hammer on November 16 at Sotheby’s in Geneva

It is classified as ‘fancy intense pink’ – the most perfect pink colour – by the Gemological Institute of America, and is set between shield-shaped diamond shoulders on a silver ring.
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Blue diamond sets auction record

A rare, two-stone ring set a new record price per carat for a blue diamond at auction when it sold for $15.7 million to an Asian collector.

The ring features a 9.87 carat colorless triangular-shaped diamond paired with a triangular 10.95 carat “Fancy Vivid” blue diamond, the largest such blue diamond of this cut ever offered at auction.

The jewel had been bought in Rome in 1972 for $1 million, which is the equivalent of about $5 million today, Christie’s auction house said.
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Tina Barrat Bijoux-Couture

Tina Barrat of Tina Barrat bijoux-couture, is a French-born, Hong Kong based designer. Her brand was launched in 1999 to international acclaim.

The brand is called “bijoux-couture” since her jewelry is comprised of original components and her jewels are incorporated together with fabrics, ribbons, lace, feathers, and other materials.

Tina is currently using a combination of feathers and natural components (such as mother-of-pearl) and the “couture” aspect remains very important to her work.
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Bilancia: Francesca Furzi’s ring

Bilancia, the Italian for Libra, is a beautiful ring in 18 ct. white gold, also available in yellow and pink gold, with stunning pavé of black and white diamonds.

It’s a ring made out of simple lines that, in a harmonious way, culminates at the two surfaces meeting one another.

One is enriched by a Pavé of white diamonds, the other lights up the fascinating darkness of the precious black diamonds.
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Piaget Cocktail Collection

This summer, upscale diamond jeweler Piaget is releasing a decadent collection that includes their signature watches, diamond necklaces, and rings.

The Limelight Paradise Collection has a cocktail theme that features, naturally, cocktail rings.

These cocktail rings differ from the classic work that Piaget has done in the past, in that the rings are designed to actually look like thirst-quenching alcoholic beverages.
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Boucheron’s Parisian Joy

Paris luxury jeweler Boucheron immortalizes Ladurée macarons in part of this year’s collection titled “Gaieté Parisienne” (Parisian Joy) with their new line, Gourmandise, which includes Tentation Macarons rings, pendants, necklaces and earings.

It’s modern, 21st. century and someone has already taken a bite out of each macaron as you can see from the teeth marks in the pictures.

The rings, which come in white gold with tsavorites, multicoloured sapphires, amethysts or garnets, look like they’ve already been bitten into. The best part? All the pleasure and none of the calories.
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Say “yes I wish” on Juliet’s Balcony

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name,/ Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love/ and I’ll no longer be a Capulet” said the Juliet of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, on her balcony in the wonderful Italian city of Verona.

Now, for everyone who has a romantic soul, there is a great chance to say “yes” and marry the love of his life on the famous balcony in Juliet’s house.

The balcony looks out over a small courtyard that can be accessed from the street by a short passageway.
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Love for Piaget

Piaget, legendary Swiss luxury watchmakers and jewellers, has again launched in 2009 his love-themed jewelry, for Valentine’s Day: Heart & Charms.

The prestigious collection includes a new Piaget small Heart pendant in 18-karat white gold set with 46 round brilliant diamonds. The center of this easy to wear asymmetrical heart is made from pink mother of pearl.

The pendant makes a perfect match with an exquisite bracelet wrought from 18-karat white gold.

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