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Reinventing the Rules with Bvlgari’s B.Zero 1 Labyrinth Ring

Bvlgari reinvents the rules with their latest B.Zero 1 Labyrinth Ring

Mar 22, 2018 | By Art Republik

Bvlgari’s newest B.Zero 1 Labyrinth ring features an architectural spiral of white gold and rose gold transitioning into each other, reflecting the modern world as a maze of choices and adventures. To navigate this plethora of possibilities? Rule by reinventing the rules. A mantra to live by, as B.Zero 1 spokesmodel Bella Hadid, as well as local friend of Bvlgari, The Sam Willows, have done. We find out more about the iconic ring, and what it takes to chase after one’s dreams fearlessly. (Part 1)

Introduced in 1999, Bvlgari’s B.Zero 1 ring was made after the iconic Coliseum in Rome, Italy, in an assertion of Italian daring and innovation to create a new classic. Since then, the ring has been reinvented numerous times, including by renowned British sculptor Anish Kapoor in 2010 for the ring’s 10th anniversary, and as envisioned by the late visionary architect Zaha Hadid in 2017.

For Bvlgari’s 2018 campaign, Norwegian fashion photographer and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Sølve Sundsbø photographed top model Bella Hadid showing off the B.Zero 1 collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The modern blue marble background in the images reflects Bvlgari’s preference for bold, coloured cabochons-gems that are as smooth and polished as Italy’s famed sculptures rather than for traditional jewellers’ penchant for using faceted diamonds.


In line with Bvlgari’s philosophy for continual reinvention of jewellery design to create new standards in artistry, 2018 is focused on a celebration of women who take risks to live the lives they want. As a successful career woman who constantly challenges herself, Hadid embodies B.Zero 1’s spirit of ruling by reinventing the rules, and is its perfect spokesmodel. In Sundsbø’s inspired images, Hadid’s strength comes through in representation and celebration of all women who dare to break boundaries.

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