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Moet & Chandon Unveils Champagne Vending Machines

Nov 21, 2013 / Wines and Spirits

After caviar, cupcakes and high-end mascara, now there’s a vending machine selling bottles of luxury bubbly by Moet & Chandon.

Chanel mascara now sold in vending machines

May 02, 2013 / Beauty

Chanel is selling its brand new Le Volume De Chanel Mascara via a mechanical vending machine at Selfridges.

Introducing the taxi vending machine

Apr 04, 2013 / Tech

The New Orleans Carriage Cab has become the first taxi company in the US to install backseat soft drinks vending machines.

Caviar vending machines debut in LA

Nov 27, 2012 / Gastronomy

A caviar vending machine has opened in California for the deep-pocketed who prefer to indulge their snack cravings with caviar and blinis rather than chips.

China launches gold vending machine

Sep 27, 2011 / Billionaires

China, already the world’s second largest bullion consumer, has installed the country’s first gold vending machine in a busy shopping district in Beijing. Shoppers in the popular Wangfujing Street can insert cash or use a bank card to withdraw gold bars or coins of various weights based on market prices. Each withdrawal is capped at […]

Gold Vending Machine Debuts At Vegas Casino

Jan 11, 2011 / Billionaires

The Golden Nugget hotel in downtown Las Vegas is living up to its name with the installation of an ATM that dispenses gold instead of cash. Visitors are now able to buy gold coins and 24-karat “bars” weighing from 1 gram to 1 ounce at the new Gold to Go machine. Prices automatically adjust every […]

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