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Migaloo Brings Submersible Yachts to Market

Mar 31, 2016 / Yachts

Yes, this company wants to make yacht-submarine hybrids for you. In fact, floating islands are also possible…

Diving Deep with the Triton 6600/2 Submarine

Feb 24, 2016 / Yachts

The $5.5 million sub for your inner James Cameron or if you just yearn for the life aquatic.

Luxury Submarine Hotel

Feb 19, 2014 / Hotels

A luxury submarine is offering a new romantic subaquatic escape, providing couples with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Submarines — the ultimate toy for the super rich

Mar 28, 2012 / Billionaires

Private submarine voyaging is one of the world’s most exclusive hobbies.

Branson Unveils Virgin Oceanic Submarine

Apr 07, 2011 / Billionaires

Richard Branson unveiled plans Tuesday to pilot a “flying” mini-submarine down to the furthest depths of the oceans, in his latest record-breaking adventure. The Virgin Oceanic craft will try to reach the deepest points in each of the world’s five oceans, starting with the deepest of them all, in the western Pacific later this year. […]

Richard Branson Makes Luxury Submarine

Feb 01, 2010 / Jets

Virgin Limited Edition, owner of Sir Richard Branson‘s Necker Island, has unveiled the latest toy available for its guests — an “underwater plane.” The Necker Nymph is part submarine, part airplane, allowing guests of Necker Island or the Necker Belle yacht to explore the bottom of the ocean in comfort. Two guests, accompanied by a […]

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