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GoldVish Revolution luxury phone

Apr 10, 2009 / Gadgets

The Swiss company GoldVish, creator of the world’s most expensive phone – GoldVish Le Million – has unveiled another luxury handset, called GoldVish Revolution. The GoldVish Revolution is a weird candybar that looks like a mix between the very stylish Motorola Aura and a Mobiado phone. The device is covered in diamonds, as well as […]

World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone

Mar 16, 2008 / Gadgets

Just recently the World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone, the GoldVish “Piece Unique” was launched in London and here are some exclusive pictures of the same. The mobile phone, which is part of the GoldVish collection, costs one million euro ($1.6 million). The collection offers five different diamond upgrades made of at least 150 grams of […]

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