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Tudor Royal launches with Jay Chou, New Tudor will be available in Singapore

Jay Chou launches the coolest Tudor since the Black Bay with another bar fight, but this time, instead of the Worldly Tavern (红尘客栈), it was a cocktail bar in Taipei.

Oct 05, 2020 | By Jonathan Ho

LUXUO and World of Watches was among the selected media to attend an exclusive launch event of the Tudor Royal. We had previously covered the coolest Tudor since the Black Bay back when it was quietly launched to a handful of SEA countries namely China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Philippines, but today we are proud to announce that after much discussion, the new Tudor Royal collection will be making its way to Singapore.

The Taiwanese singer, songwriter had long been emblematic in Asia of Tudor’s ‘Born to dare’ values and in directing his first watch commercial, Chou told the emcee Joe Tsoi that having never directed a luxury brand production before, he lacked the confidence that he could pull it off.

Since I’m still able to fight, I hope to shoot some action scenes, because in 20 years, I’ll be more than 60 years old. I think we must make the best of the situation, shoot the maximum that we can or maybe I’ll do more directing and action by myself. – Jay Chou on his next 20 years, living the maxim of Born to Dare

Tudor Royal launches with Jay Chou: New Tudor will be available in Singapore

For over two decades, the “King of Asian Pop” has pushed boundaries around the world. Time and time again, throughout his career, he has shown his drive and willingness to take on the unknown, venture into the unseen and dare all. Both starring in and directing the commercial for the new Tudor Royal line, Chou acquired his first directing experience in 2004 through his music videos and soon he had taken responsibility for the storyboard, directing, and editing of music videos for all his songs.

Steampunk, that is, bronze, which I think is a good idea. – Jay Chou on how he would design his Tudor

While music videos are rarely the subject of critical review; famed director Zhang Yimou once said that Chou’s directing abilities may surpass his own in the future, after viewing several of Chou’s music videos, hence his directorial debut for an international brand like Tudor, was remarkably polished for a first timer.

How is it different from the videos you’ve shot in the past?

In the past, MV used to be more spontaneous to make, but this is the first time I direct and act the international commercial, so it needed to be more cautious, as we wanted to satisfy our clients. Which is different with previous video, the director has the right to decide everything.

Just like when you write songs, you have the full play of creativity.

Yeah, and because the customer are foreigner, we want them to understand the concept.

In the entertainment circle, I am ambitious. I even want to be a host, that’s why I initially wanted to host my show today. I hosted the J-Style Trip and it was a ‘BornToDare’ moment. It’s not easy to do a live-action show. I had to travel to so many places around the world and there was the language barrier. I could only communicate with magic and music, and that represented the natural daring spirit of mine. – Jay Chou on breaking barriers

You are wearing the Tudor Royal 41mm with a Blue sunray dial; the perfect combination of superior performance and exquisite style, inheriting traits from both classic and sports wristwatches that makes it suitable for any occasion, as we’ve just seen depicted in the commercial. Could you share with us your thoughts on the Tudor Royal?

Just like the commercial, I want to express the idea of the product can be both static and active, to play piano and to fight. The key point of its epitome of balance, elegance and versatility.

You are well versed in both, art and martial arts, very versatile. What is the concept development, idea generation and creativity of this commercial?

Honestly, I thought a lot about it, and edited a lot of the sequences, whether to play the piano first or to fight first and in the scene, I ordered a drink here and then started fighting, without any reason. MOJITO was made to promote my song.

It’s been a long time since my last action scenes and suddenly I felt it’s nice to fight and it reminded me of The Green Hornet. Also, wearing black again reminds me of that time. I really couldn’t be defeated by my age.

I honestly think that sometimes I can’t go forward without too much fear. Sometimes it’s so scary that I can’t even go forward. I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I want to do as a Hollywood director. I’m too afraid of my poor English and I don’t dare to get in touch with them! – Jay Chou on his biggest fear and his next barrier to break

What is the BornToDare declaration to you?

It’s about having the courage to break through, to persevere even if you fail. This is what I did in the past.

What is the ingenuity of the first watch commercial you’ve directed?

The ticking sound was heard by everyone, and the soundtrack of the commercial found its way to my previous music composition teacher. I told him what elements I wanted to be present, and how to incorporate the sound of ticking into it, because the fight was going on in front of me, and it was very crazy. I remember the scene stopped at this position. I did a fighting position to mu enemy, it’s like the time stopped and I looked at the watch during the fighting duel to show the product,. then continue fighting. It was an ingenious idea, and I was afraid that the client may not understand it; Because that’s the only time you’re going to show the watch during the fighting duel.

Tudor Royal Singapore Launch Dates

The new Tudor Royal will initially be available in brand boutiques in limited quantities in October with retail roll out across their distributor network by end 2020 or early 2021.

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