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Casio Glacier Gold G-Shock Collection – Not Sapphire case But it Comes Close

The new Casio Glacier Gold G-Shock collection celebrating the iconic series’ 35th anniversary is not really sapphire but comes close (aesthetically speaking)

Sep 20, 2018 | By Jonathan Ho
35th anniversary Casio Glacier Gold G-Shock Collection

35th anniversary Casio Glacier Gold G-Shock Collection

Earlier this year, at Baselworld 2018, World of Watches had the opportunity to preview an exquisite crafted Casio G-Shock in sapphire. It was a concept watch but nevertheless, it was among the two strongest watches (the other being the full metal G-Shock watches) which held our attention enraptured. On Saturday 22nd September 2018, Casio will be launching their 35th anniversary Glacier Gold G-Shock collection, while not exactly sapphire, it carries the same aesthetic swagger of its crystal clear prototype.

Casio Glacier Gold G-Shock Collection – Not Sapphire case But it Comes Close

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches, the new Casio Glacier Gold collection is a series of of four G-Shock models with icy namesake inspired transparent designs.

The new G-Shock Glacier Gold DW-5035E, DW-5735E, GA-735E, and GA-835E watches take the legendary ‘G’ level toughness while incorporating an overall look that is nigh sophisticated. Everything you loved about more expensive watches like the Bell & Ross BR-X2 sapphire and Richard Mille Felipe Massa sapphire can be found here in the latest G-Shock which evokes the breathtaking presence of glaciers in a land of extreme cold, with clear semi-transparent bezels and bands.

That said, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a transparent G-Shock, the innovative use of transparent resin was first found with the DW-6900K model released in 1996 to commemorate the G-Shock Dolphin & Whale models. The latest G-Shock series features dials, buckles, buttons, screws, and case backs in brilliant gold effect, worthy of the swank and status as 35th anniversary models.

The commemorative 35th anniversary G-Shock models are based on the old school DW-5000, iconic square shape of our teenage years, while the DW-5700, with its round shape evocative of many a local males’ mandatory military National Service years has been revived for the GA-710 G-Shock Glacier Gold, a popular bigger model, and the GA-810, a mid-sized case watch with three hands analog functionality for optimum readability.

New Casio G-Shock Glacier Gold Price

The DW-5035E-7 and the DW-5735E-7 are priced at $339 while the GA-735E-7A and the GA-835E-7A are priced at $249

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