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Tailor-Made Experiences with Tom Ford

Explore craftsmanship behind the brand synonymous to the likes of sartorialism in the past decade. Words by Khoo Yong Hao

Feb 22, 2019 | By LUXUO

In today’s mercurial world of fashion, the modern man has a kaleidoscope of options when it comes to dressing up. However, while faddish pieces are a dime a dozen in this trend-driven industry, one classic mainstay has withstood the test of time and will never be truly phased out: the trusty three-piece suit. Even with the options sifted, the conquest of crafting the perfect suit does not come easy. Fabrics must be pristine and cuts immaculate; even the slightest falter will result in a disproportionate mess. As such, a man has no business placing his faith in factory-churned, cookie-cutter formal garb when he has the world of made-to-measure at his disposal.

Tailor-Made Experiences with Tom Ford

Enter Tom Ford. The American designer’s eponymous brand has become synonymous with the likes of sartorialism in the past decade, and its Made-To-Measure collection is a testament to their masterful craft. For this collection, Tom Ford pushes the notion of personalisation to its limits, while maintaining a remarkable level of quality and craftsmanship.

As far as craftsmanship is involved, leave it in the capable hands of talented shoemakers, tailors and seamstresses, all of whom believe their sensory experience far trumps that of machines. The commitment to handcrafting is mind-boggling in even the smallest touches, such as attaching labels by hand. This, coupled with the highest quality materials like cotton harvested from Egypt and leather from Neapolitan workshops, promises that each article of clothing birthed from the Tom Ford atelier is a masterpiece fit for the sophisticated man of today.

Every Tom Ford Made-To-Measure suit is essentially a blank canvas for a man to leave his imprint on. From jacket linings and buttons to evening shirt cuffs and collars, clients can mix and match colours and patterns to create a suit to their liking. They can also choose from a myriad of field-tested cuts and models; popular choices include the Windsor, an elegant and well-balanced classic fit which features a two button jacket with double vents, strong lapels and structured shoulders, and the sleek O’Connor, initially created for “Double-O-Seven” himself, sporting a slim fit and narrower lapels.

One can also cherry-pick their preferred fabrics used construct these models as well; choose from various threads from the seasonal collection, or keep it simple by going back to the classics, which are constantly updated, with fresh variations such as lighter tones of the classic Sharkskin fabric. To make the suit positively unique, one can also choose to leave their initials monogrammed on the shirt, while also having the choice of having a personalised, embroidered label on the inner pocket of the suit.

A Made-To-Measure appointment takes around 90mins, and thereafter, the suits are made in Italy and take up to eight weeks for completion. The client is then invited to attend a second fitting in-store. From 7 to 10 March, a Made-To-Measure specialist will be in Singapore, on-hand at the Tom Ford boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (B1-128) to cater to all your sartorial whims, ensuring that each suit is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Tom Ford Made-To-Measure specialist will be in Singapore from 7 to 10 March. To schedule a private appointment, please email or call +65 6222 3778.

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