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Meet Prada’s New Family of Mysterious Creatures

These adorable Pradamalia trinkets are not just regular keychains but seven tiny creatures that make for a great companion this holiday season

Oct 27, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

Prada is no stranger to the creation of miniature, usually quirky character keychains. This November, the maison will be introducing its new Pradamalia collectibles. This time, a new family of creatures that resembles humans’ best companions – animals.

Introducing Pradamalia – Prada’s New Family of Mysterious Creatures

Named the portmanteau of “Prada” and “Animalia”, Pradamalia is a collection of jewellery, small leather goods and (of course) accessories imprinted with seven animal-like creatures. The new series is made in part biological and technological, united by the Prada DNA. Each creature features prominent Prada codes including metal studs, ombre tones, polished wood, printed lips, and the iconic Saffiano leather, finished with the triangular Prada heart.

The seven Pradamalia creatures, each an organic depiction of a real-life animal, exhibits its own character and quirks that make them more a companion than simply an accessory. They are even christened with their own names. Spot that resembles a cat, Scuba the octopus, Socks – a man’s best friend, a pair of monkeys Otto and Toto, and the jellyfish-looking Fiddle and Disco to complete the set.

Each charm is then packaged with extensive information of its unique anatomy, qualities, and behaviours, plus a note on their origins. As it is being unwrapped, one gets to discover the story of their new Pradamalia friend. As an extension to the storytelling concept, a segmented campaign featuring animated Pradamalia in Prada Labs and, post-escape, in the world, will launch in November 2018.

Featuring a wide range of products from the tricks accessories and jewels to leather items for women and men, Pradamalia collection is an adorable venture made in collaborative measure with 2×4 New York, the design company that was responsible for Prada’s comic-inspired spring/summer 2018 womenswear runway set.

The collection will be hitting the Prada stores as well as its official website starting November 2018.

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