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Scarlet Fever: Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Shiseido’s new range of 16 red lipstick shades are hydrating, highly-pigmented and pucker-defining.

Jul 08, 2016 | By Pearlyn Tham

The name says it all: Shiseido Rouge Rouge, the Japanese brand’s all-out tribute to the vibrancy, sexiness and energy of wearing a hot red lip.

But even the reddest lippie won’t win over hearts if its formula isn’t done right. So Rouge Rouge (price unavailable) is made with oil to give it a glistening finish and to keep your pout well-hydrated. The new formula also boasts a rich, creamy texture that lets you paint on a smoother lip line more easily, which in turns defines your puckers better.

Our tester was awed by how her Rouge Rouge lipstick glided on evenly and richly, and stayed put after a meal (even though the brand had humbly proclaimed a quota of only four hours).

The lipstick range comes in a whopping choice of 16 shades, all extensions of red, of course. Take your pick from safe and subtle brown-reds and peach-reds, girlish pink-reds or good-for-your-vacay-tan orange-reds, and then graduate with Poppy, a clear bright red.

This article was first published on L’Officiel Singapore.

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