New luxury fragrances for him: Introducing Bentley Momentum and Bentley Momentum Intense

The Bentley Momentum is the third pillar in the automotive brand’s fragrance range. The bracingly masculine scent matched with sleek modern presentation is the one stop fragrance for the strong, confident man.

Feb 17, 2017 | By Teri Chong

Luxury car manufacturer Bentley is bursting back into the fragrance scene with Bentley Fragrances’ vibrant new scent — Bentley Momentum. The new addition comes in two intensities, each with its distinctive character: Bentley Momentum Eau de Toilette and Bentley Momentum Intense. Described as successful, style-conscious and driven, the Bentley Momentum man is inspired by challenge. Lauded as a masculine scent, the fragrance is a combination of aromas that wind around each other to bring a powerful essence.

Created by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, the Eau de Toilette opens with an aquatic wave, spinning in sparkling bergamot and a breezy green violet. Refreshing this combination is a subtle sprinkle of the herbaceous clary sage that acts as a prelude to the next act.

The fragrance builds to a crescendo. The heart of the fragrance is weaved by the cashmere wood and ambergris, softened by a touch of Jasmine to produce a sweet, earthy scent. Sensual and reminiscent of deep forests, the heart opens to reveal a mix of sandalwood and tonka bean, anchored by a stream of musk and moss.

The Bentley Momentum Intense leverages on this foundation by increasing the intensity of the blend. Introducing new ingredients into the mix amplifies the strength of the aroma, highlighting the contrast between the top and base notes. With Elemi, a resin that boasts green, zesty and peppery facets, the added punch lifts the clean lavender and geranium harmony. The woody finish of ambery notes propels the vibrancy of the blend.

What is a sleek fragrance without a bottle that is just as sleek? Using New York’s breathtaking skyline as a muse, Bentley Momentum’s bottle design parallels the strength and confidence in its aroma. Made out of luxuriously heavy glass, the front and back of the bottle is printed with Bentley’s iconic “Flying B” logo as well as the name of the fragrance.

Both bottles come in silver hues, with Bentley Momentum Intense sporting a darker shade. Juxtaposing the bottle’s angular corners, the metal stopper is rounded and embossed with Bentley’s signature knurling. On the Bentley Momentum the knurling motif is seen in light grey with metallic silver sides and top while the Bentley Momentum Intense features it in a dark grey with a dark silver top and sides.

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