Exclusive Chanel fragrances: Les Exclusifs de Chanel box set revisits iconic scents

Chanel has created a new set of mini perfumes from the collection “Les Exclusifs de Chanel,” which draws its inspiration from the French brand’s history. A limited edition which will go on sale on February 17, 2017, exclusively at select Chanel Beauté sales points

Feb 11, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

Exquisite precious materials, elegant bottles, timeless fragrances: Les Exclusifs de Chanel was created between 1922 and 2016 by renowned perfumers with close links to the French fashion and beauty house. Ernest Beaux, Jacques Polge, and Olivier Polge have come up with their own interpretation of a place, texture, meeting or symbol loved by Gabrielle Chanel. Together they form a unique collection, taking us on a perfumed journey through Chanel‘s history.

The collection consists of 15 4ml perfume bottles: 14 Eau de Parfum and one Eau de Cologne. An opportunity to (re)discover and appreciate a selection of rare fragrances which include hesperidium, woody, floral and oriental scents.

Bel Respiro, N°22, Misia

Fans of unusual perfumes and collectors will be pleased to discover that this set contains “Bel Respiro,” a floral evocation of spring, “Sycomore,” a woody scent based around vetiver, “Coromandel” with its incense, benzoin, and patchouli notes, the oriental scent “Cuir de Russie,” the aromatic-floral-powdery “Jersey,” and the woody and fruity “N°18”.

The set also includes “31 rue Cambon,” “28 La Pausa,” “N°22,” “1932,” “Gardénia,” “Beige,” “Bois des Iles,” “Eau de Cologne,” and “Misia,” a fragrance created by Olivier Polge.

This “Les Exclusifs de Chanel” set of 15 mini perfumes will go on sale on February 17 for€290, exclusively at Chanel Beauté stores and the brand’s e-shop.

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