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Gladden Is the Most Private Island Resort in the World

Located in Gladden, an island fringed with coral and white sand in the heart of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, this is the perfect island resort to get away from it all

Jun 28, 2024 | By Jonathan Ho
Gladden Resort

Located off the eastern coast of Central America, the most private island resort in the world lays bordered by Mexico on the northwest by Mexico, the Caribbean Sea on the east, and on the south and west by Guatemala but for all intents and purposes, given the nautical distances involved, the Gladden Private Island Resort is the perfect villa for two in the most remote spot in the world.

The Most Private Island Resort in the World

One of the most beautiful locations in the world, Gladden private island resort lies directly on the edge of the widest and most picturesque section of the Belize Barrier Reef in the Caribbean sea. It is the longest reef in the Western Hemisphere and the 2nd largest in the World. Located 20 miles off the coast of Placencia, Belize, Gladden is the furthest island out from the mainland and closest to the protected side of the reef where the water is calm and clear.

Incidentally, Gladden private island resort is near the magical “Gladden Split” where the whale sharks congregate once a year is a mere few miles away leading for the most Instagram-worthy and picturesque dives and snorkeling, all arranged via concierge with the assistance of boat captains.

Gladden luxury island resort: Just you and the views

The two-bedroom hotel is the only villa on Gladden island and it’s all yours. Even the staff which await to serve your every whim and fancy are located on a nearby smaller island, thus, living on the Gladden private island isn’t life in your own episode of Survivor, it’s really an all-inclusive experience. There is a second master suite should you wish to share Gladden with friends or family. A “privacy meter” indicates if a member of the staff is on the main island for any reason.

After a day of exploration and the idyllic beach life, guests can choose to dine on local specialties prepared by a roster of (at least one Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef ) and an assortment of guest chefs from celebrated kitchens around the world. Spa treatments and boat charters are also available through your personal concierge.

While most private island experiences require jetting to the far reaches of the globe, Gladden Private Island delivers the natural beauty and tranquility of a Polynesian atoll only four hours from Miami.

Gladden Private Island Resort goes for USD 3,975 a night. Book here.

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